questionsmy espresso machine leaks. where can i get a…


calm down, phreak. you need to contact the website through which you purchased the item. deals.woot is just an aggregator site; they don't actually sell products.

if you purchased it from woot, check one of the following sites for your order history and start there to request a refund:


Has it leaked more than one time? Or have you used it only once? Not trying to say it was operator error, but trying to figure out what might have happened. Sometimes a seal can leak if something has been over tightened.


This person is either playing around with us or has no clue how to deal with companies that don't provide good service. Or both.

Seriously, If you really had a defective/broken product do you think writing like that would help you get your way? I think not.


@mtrlgrl: Agreed. Summer vacation has begun.


@lavikinga: Can't they just call up people and ask them if their refrigerator is running?


darn I missed all the phun. stupid dentist.


i hope this lolcat might fix the problem.


Oh, WootStaff, you took away all the original charm and suavity of the OP's demands for justice.

Really wonder just how big this espresso maker is to hold so much water to leak all over creation without his noticing it...because no one in their right mind goes off and leaves an espresso machine unattended while it's brewing under pressure, do they? That would be irresponsible now, wouldn't it?


@lavikinga: excellent point. My coffee girl/woman has to stand there while she steams my milk for my latte.