questionswhat are some good names for my company?



the less technical will associate it with GeekSquad and not know the difference.. you'd already have a 1up :D


gizmo fixer full service inc., llc. ?


from personal experience: pick something fairly generic. that way if you change your business model (from computer service to computer demolition or lawn service) you don't have to refile for a business name.



"When technology "Bytes" you, take control!"


@jgribb1: you corgot the Co. and Bros. in there. lol


@devexityspace: It would be nice to have a one up on them. I would be doing this adventure solo though so I don't know if the TeamGeek slogan would fit.


If you're planning on having a website it might be a good idea to look for a domain name at the same time you're looking for a company name. It would be a bummer to pick a great company name and not be able to match it to your website.

How about Tech Solutions? (I have not done a domain search, just the first name that popped into my head.)


@segafanalways: you may be going solo at first.. if you are ultimately successful, expansion is inevitable.


You could do "last name" + enterprises. So, if your last name was Albertson, your business could be... Albertson Enterprises. Sounds professional and if the computer thing doesn't work out, you can keep your name and change the tag from like "Albertson Enterprises... we do computer things" to "Albertson Enterprises... we make yummy cakes for all occasions".


"Smarts for Farts" (As in old farts which is what older people that struggle with technology are referred to.)


I didn't read anything other than the title. Too lazy. I'll do my best right now with no idea on what your business is about and hope for the best. Here are a couple ideas off the top of my head:

The Write Brothers (paper company)
Hookahs Pokus (smoke house)
I have a Dream (Mattress Shop)
Rasputin on the Ritz (Russian Tuxedo Shop)
Dolly's Realty (Doll house emporium)
No longer Shoeless Joe Jackson (Shoe shop obviously)

Some are better than others but I hope I could help.


Something fun and reassuring for the tech-baffled: Easy-Peasy, Technical Consulting and Device Demystification.

Huh, I just googled it; turns out that's the new name for the Ubuntu Eee OS. Who knew?!








Whatever name you are considering, do a trademark search on the USPTO website to make sure it's not already registered to another company. You don't want to start your business with a C&D letter.


Great idea's everyone. I think the hardest part is not only come up with a name but to also be able to find a web address that hasn't already been taken. It seems like there are many people or companies buying up all of the decent web addresses and then selling them for a few thousand dollars.


What do you guys think of Tech 4 Tech?

edit: or Tech For Tech?


Or "Age of Technology" "Ag3 of Technology"


Thank you for all the suggestions! I finally came up with one.....drum roll please.....

We know Technology

I think our slogan is going to be "Your source to today's technology needs."

Again thank you all for the help you have provided. I love bringing questions to the deals.woot because you are all so informative!


@segafanalways: No offense, but I think "We know Technology" is a fine slogan or tagline, but not a business name. It's not really memorable, and it also reminds me of "Who's on first?".

Person 1: Say, who do you call when you need technical assistance?
Person 2: Oh, We know Technology!
Person 1: Sure, you're no dummy, but what about when you get in over your head?
Person 2: Like I said, We know Technology!
Person 1: Okay genius, sorry I asked ...


@ginawoot: You are probably right. It does sound more like a slogan then a company name.