questionsare the 400 daily movie "deals" tiring to anyone…


No, but the 4,000 questions regarding movie deals are.


If you don't want to see all the movie deals or other various deals, use advanced search.


The vast majority of the movie deals are indeed "deals", in that they're significantly cheaper than the average way to obtain a particular movie on DVD or Blu-Ray. For example, we got the 8-movie Blu-Ray boxed set of Harry Potter films for about $50 delivered. Target had it on sale for $90, plus tax, and that was at the store, not to my home.


I love the blu ray deals. There is no way I can search all the time for all the movies I'd like to get, so it's awesome to be pleasantly surprised to see one of my favourites turn up for less than $10.

You're right, not all of them are great deals. But I disagree with people who downvote just because something is $15-$20. Recently, someone said an Avatar Blu Ray deal wasn't a 'deal' because it was $20. That blu ray hadn't been less than $30 until that deal. Who are you to say it isn't a deal? I do my fair share of downvoting, but blu ray/dvd deals are too individual to generalize prices.

@tsfisch That harry potter deal was the highlight of my holiday shopping. What a steal. It's now $99+tax on Amazon. HAH.


Nope, I love the blu-ray deals.


Against popular opinion, I will have to agree w/ you "druke". I wish I could filter out all the DVD & Book deals & get down to the nitty gritty.