questionswootizen poll, do you walk or ride on escalators?


I walk. Unless I'm with my wife, then it's the slow ride up or down because she feels like they're moving stairs and she shouldn't have to put forth any effort.


If I'm alone I usually walk. If I'm with my Mom, she prefers to "ride" (due to balance issues) so I ride with her. Same as in airports or casinos, I usually walk on the "people movers" but if I'm with her, we ride. And, as you said, it also depends on whether people are ahead of me or not.


As long as there is nobody in front of me I walk. The person I am with will usually follow suit and start walking as well. But there are always those people who do not walk, and then I just wait. Not a big deal either way.

Now when I am in an airport on the people mover, those I ALWAYS walk on and when there are people in my way (on the left) I get annoyed. I still just wait and curse them in my head, but I just don't get how they could stand there and not feel like they are impeding. Same with the fast lane on the highway. The left lane is a PASSING lane NOT a DRIVING lane.



Depends on which way I'm going. I run up and ride the handrail down.


It seems like I'm just like the rest of you in this. I, too, walk unless circumstances dictate that I merely ride.

ETA: Well, just like everyone but coreyking.


Escalators...meh. Sometimes walk, sometimes ride. Neither option really stands forward, I think it is about equal.

But those people movers...holy crap! Walk every time. Where else can you move 50 feet in just three steps? Those things are FUN!


I keep moving until someone's in the way.

Except when I'm coming out of russian subways. Then I climb the escalator until I get tired, take a short break, and continue climbing (repeating as necessary).


I'm a rider, unless in a hurry. I'm a strong believer in the law of conservation of energy :)


When I was a kid we went on a tour of an aircraft carrier and there was about twenty of us climbing a powered down escalator. There was enough weight on it to get it moving on its own in the down direction and my grandma was walking behind me. That was the day I learned where I fit into her world-view and also how strong and sharp old lady nails actually are. The answers, respectively: much less important than her and very.


I generally ride unless I'm in a hurry or am feeling particularly energetic.


If there's no one behind me and I'm not in a rush, then I stand and slouch and let the machine do the work. If there are people behind me or I'm in a rush, then I walk. On the left. Because people are supposed to stand on the right to allow for people passing on the left, when the escalator is wide enough. Just like on the expressway. The way it should be. Common courtesy. Working together to maintain a civilized society. Employing and respecting the passing lane. Yup. OH MY GODS WHY DO PEOPLE NOT GET THE CONCEPT OF PASSING ESPECIALLY THIS MORNING THAT IDIOTIC TAXI GOING 55 IN THE LEFT LANE AGRGRGRGRGRGRR....

Yeah, so that's what I do on escalators.


@coondogg97: I almost agree with you, if you want to ride take an elevator. But I am not pushy.


I generally run up and down them if I am able. I hate being on someone else's time table. Plus, running up stairs and escalators is just plain fun.


@msklzannie: C'mon! You know you wanna ride it.


Sometimes ride, sometimes walk.
There is no "right way", but there is a "wrong way" and that's either standing in the middle holding both handrails, or standing to the left, blocking traffic.
To those I say Fie!
(Also I say "out of the way, coming through, beep beep, excuse me, pardon....bloody wanker")

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With escalators at stores/parking garages/pretty much anywhere but the airport, I generally walk. At the airport, it depends on how much luggage I have with me. If I can comfortably carry it all, I walk. Otherwise, I ride. Too hard to walk carrying/pulling a full size suitcase.

With the flat, people mover belts, I almost always walk. I especially like to walk when I get to the end and then step off and it feels like you're flying!


I am in the depends group. With Mom ride, alone walk or walk on the mover. If I am feeling tired and lazy, ride. I am a firm believer in the stay to the side if you are standing rule. Let the people through!


i like a challenge, so i make it a point to walk my way up or down an escalator moving in the opposite direction of my intended travel.


Depends on where I am. Typically though, if there is no one ahead of me, I will walk.

Now, on people movers (Escalators that are flat), I always walk. Makes me feel like I walk super fast!


I have balance/mobility issues, so on escalators I usually just ride. On people-movers, I used to walk (love the feeling of speeding along!), but these days I don't know if I could walk safely or not.


Life is short so I always try to keep moving, especially after looking at the life expectancy calculator. :)


I'm a rider. I like to take in the scenery.


People should be allowed to drive as fast as their IQ, which in my case would be 127 mph! People with an IQ of 50 would be safer going 50. How's that sound?


I'm with the majority here, I guess. Sometimes I walk, sometimes I ride. It tends to depend on how much I'm carrying, who is with me, how energetic or rushed I'm feeling, etc. But I'm with @gt0163c and @stile99 on the walkways at airports. I ALWAYS walk (briskly!) on those! It's just much too much fun to imagine that I am the Six Million Dollar Man complete with sound effect running through my head!


If I am headed someplace where time is of the essence - airport, train station, I continue moving as the escalator moves. When it is crowded train time, getting ahead of a few more people who prefer to just ride their way up moves me closer to the front of the queue for boarding.

If I am out shopping and loaded down with bags, I would normally let the machine do the work. The only time in that situation I might keep walking is if someone nearby is coughing/sneezing recklessly or I am near someone who smells bad (either smoke, perfume, BO).


I ride; my left knee doesn't like stairs any more.


It's a rare occasion that I'm on an escalator that doesn't have someone else on it, in front of me. I would probably ride, absentmindedly driving someone behind me crazy while I "doot doot doot"ed the SMB theme song in my head. (I wouldn't opt for the elevator instead because in most cases, they are there for people who aren't able to take the escalator and it seems rude to use it, when I'm fully capable of walking a few more fee to the escalator or stairs.)

On a people mover? I move. It's an airport, I have plane to catch, or bags to pick up and dude, they're fun. If you're going to stand or stroll on one, get over to the right, please.


Looks like we're pretty evenly divided so I will stop harassing my husband about this issue. (I always laugh at him, "It's not a ride!")

But all this talk about the moving sidewalk at the airport makes me think the theme parks are missing an opportunity...I think people would pay to ride that :-)


I ride on escalators. Something about the lines on the steps, the way they line up with the lines on the other steps, makes me dizzy to look at them. I have very poor depth perception and I think that's what causes it. I am getting an optical illusion of flatness from a surface I know to be uneven. I don't feel safe walking on escalators. On people movers I usually walk, but it depends on how tired I am from traveling. I have taken some very long trips (one return from Australia took about 36 hours to get from Sydney to El Paso) and been completely exhausted during plane changes, so on those occasions I just relax against the railing and let it take me where I am going.


Walking mostly, unless there are people to jostle.


lol i agree that left lane is for passing people but people here think its okay to speed if your in the left late and it annoys the crap out of me. Maximum speed limit is usually posted cops aren't going to let you go 80 in a 55. I slow down sometimes for those people when in the left lane XD yeah I'm evil. Speeding really doesn't get you anywhere any faster less your going over 100 miles.

As for escalators and the like. It really depends. If i'm in a hurry. If I've been doing stuff all day and I'm tired. etc.. But in general I usually walk up to where people are blocking and ride a few steps below them. Not going to push pass or even try to say excuse me and pass. I'm content to wait unless I'm running late for something.