questionschallenge: women's ugg boots


I couldn't any prices better than hobbits, except by a few dollars and they weren't from or any reputable site for that matter.


@hobbit @catbertthegreat: thanks! That's pretty close to what I was seeing too.

Any insight into coupon codes for Most of my standby coupon code sites are pretty sparse. Wasn't sure if Zappos was one of those that really didn't do coupons or if you had to really be crafty to get them.


Is he a Costco member? Friends that are long-time UGG lovers have switched to the Kirkland Brand Shearling boots (they swear they are Uggs without the tag). One of them bought three colors this year (at under $40 apiece) and justified it because she was still spending less than she would for one pair of UGGs.

Also tell him to make sure that he buys the smaller size if she is between sizes (they stretch).


@glindagw: that's a spectacular idea! I'll be sure to pass that along. I'm not sure if she's after the name or the style, but 1/3 of the price is definitely worth considering!

I'm sure he appreciates the sizing tip also. That's something I would not have known.


@perkalicious11: i don't think you will find coupon codes for Zappos....

this is taken directly from the zappos site...

Many other sites out there may claim to have Zappos coupons, but the truth is Zappos does not offer coupons. is based on service and selection, not price.

Don't get confused either. Some sites might try to offer you "Zapos Coupons" or "Zoppos Coupons," but don't let them fool you. There is only one and again we do not offer Zappos coupon codes.


@wootiewooterson: applause That info (re: coupons) is a plus 10 in my book.


But if you or he signed up as an elite member of Zappos you get free shipping. Remember that was a a while ago. The VIP Code expired, but if you did remember to sign up.


@hobbit: ooooh, I missed that one! Blast!