questionswhat recourse do i have if a company rips of me…


Oh! I forgot to add: they escalated this to the US team (again)!

...I think everything's gonna be alright :D


I can tell you that from my experience, the best thing you can do is take a breather, and politely call in, ask for the manager. Then ask for their manager and so-on until you get someone that actually knows what in the hell they're doing. I had a credit card a few years ago that charged me a late fee when the payment in full was clearly made several days before the payment was due. It took several phone calls before I was able to get someone to even understand that. I continued to climb the corporate ladder until I found someone that was willing to fix it.

Best of luck to you


@capguncowboy: lol thanks...yeah, staying calm is definitely good advice.

As loud and mean as I *can* get, I've actually been nothing but polite. Firm, yes, but entirely polite. "Please," "thank you," not getting angry etc.
Which - I gotta be honest - was pretty hard at times, especially when you have somebody who barely speaks English feeding you lies and getting all indignant because his company owes me money lol - some of those outsourced folks just do not like Americans.


Wow. Just got paid.

I got as high up the food chain as possible and told 'em they had 1 hour. I said "It's the 3:45 now, you have until 4:45, if I don't have my money by then, I'm going to blahblahblah..."

It's 4:40 :)

The question still stands though - if anybody has any kind of helpful info.. If this ever happens again I'd like to be better educated about my options.


@drchops: Wow, they must be easily threatened if you said you were going to "blahblahblah" and they responded. @_@

The best thing is to prevent putting yourself in those situations. Read ratings on companies before you buy, especially because they are internet retailers. I say this because, like you, I think the only recourse you can take is a report on BBB that does basically nothing.

...and it isn't always ineffective. My mother filed a BBB report, a lawyer noticed there was a trend with these reports and she became part of a class-action lawsuit. We ended up getting our money back plus a little more for damages and legal costs. But this was the exception.

Either way, congrats on getting it solved.


Pay by credit card. You can dispute the charge and usually get your money back. Visa usually the consumer gets the last 'at bat' in the back and forth contest, and AMEX has a great customer service team for this type of thing. Keep in mind, you've got about 90 days from the charge to dispute it.


@drchops: Well... I do want to point out that posting this on Google's favorite, Deals dot Woot, was bound to get someone's attention. Seriously, if you do a search for that company name, and "rips me off" you know what you'll come up with. Watch this trick:

Whammo! There you are, a few links down. If your post had been better grammar, you'd have been number uno. {"rips of me off" is a bit problematic}


Glad to hear that it all worked out for you. But next time, there is definitely some helpful advice in this thread.

1. Be proactive and do your research on a website before you get screwed.
2. Pay with a credit card or paypal whenever possible so that you can file your dispute with them and let them sort it out.
3. Many people think that the Better Business Bureau is a government agency. They are not. They have no authority at all, except as a resource to warn others about disreputable businesses.
4. Finally, stand your ground. Many of these companies hide behind call centers that make it difficult or frustrating to get any actual help. By staying calm and standing your ground you can often (eventually) talk to the right person or cause enough trouble to get your problem fixed.


@shrdlu: Oh, I'm well aware :)

I actually recommended they Google it heh

(and I think the "improved" version would have been "ripoff")


@90mcg112: As far as the BBB, I know. And this business was, infact, a "BBB Accredited Agency" which translates to "complaint proof." Which is why I wanted some opinions on other alternative resources..

I watched a couple documentaries on the BBB (admittedly, one was 20/20 heh) - very educational. I'd recommend anyone who reads this watch'll be pretty damn surprised. Nonetheless, it's still one of the only options :)

@jsoko: Wow.


I'd have reported the gift card stolen and had it replaced.


@sskarstad: For Visa the clock runs out 60 days after you receive the statement showing the charge you're disputing.


And just to keep things lively, we evidently can't trust reviews from folks we'd normally trust, especially if some time has passed since the review was written. In this article the writer cites a recommendation for Plastic Jungle in an AARP article.