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I'm more concerned with the cost to the taxpayer of these campaign trips by sitting presidents. Sure, they come up with some "legitimate" reason for the trip, and supposedly the fundraisers and campaigning aren't the reason for the trip, but does anyone actually believe that?
Just look at the money spent by local police departments for events like this... those same departments are laying off officers that are desperately needed for public safety.
All presidents, no matter the party, are guilty of this, by the way.


I work in downtown Seattle and no one has had a problem getting to work today, there was no highway closure event notice, and traffic reports are showing as fine this morning. Are you sure this is the issue? Or are you in the really greater Seattle area?

(edit) There is a report for drivers to beware of congestion late this morning due to the President, but no highways actually closed. Several ramps and parts of roads are closed for construction starting today, though.


Air Force 1 landed at Boeing in Everett. The motorcade used the Mukilteo Speedway and I405 to travel to Bellevue, closing the roadways along the route. Seattle itself was not impacted, but the north end and eastside certainly were. Had they used Boeing Field in Seattle, the closure route would have been different and much shorter.


@nortonsark: The news I'm reading is that he landed in Everett for an 11:30 speech and will be traveling by helicopter later this afternoon to Bellevue.

But if he did travel, again, we had no delays and plenty of folks come from the Eastside and a fair few from Mukilteo/Everett this morning. I will, however, agree that the $17,900 admission ticket to the private luncheon is a bit overboard ;)


The answer is that the president has a clear right to travel for campaign purposes. If he did not his opponents could have a clear advatange when it comes to campaigning and fund-raising. It is regrettable that the security required for a president to travel anwhere is so inconvenient to "the little guy" but unfortunately history has proven the need for the tightest measures possible. Just chalk up the occassional presidential visit to the list of things that all Americans have to put up with, such as jury duty and income taxes.

And I don't know about your area, but any time the president is going to be here in the Los Angeles area, we hear about it advance and get constant alerts regarding which streets will be closed to help everyone avoid the inconvenience.