questionsare you interested in a new blackberry phone?


No. Keyboard instead of bigger screen? Pass.

Good question, though. I'm curious to see if we have any takers on the RIM.


With what is on the market right now? No.

In a few years, when the average phones are huge (most of the LTE phones are already too big for my taste) and try to be too much and I just want a good phone with a few standard features.. maybe then.

FYI I am a former crackberry addict- those phones were the best phones and email-tenders I have ever had, but outside of those two arenas they were pretty sloppy.


I loved my Blackberry...notice the past tense. From cutting edge to road kill by not changing with the times.

For awhile it was the only smartphone able to work consistently here in middleofnowhere SC. Since this is no longer the case, and I can do SO MUCH MORE with my Droid3, nope...

RIM has a ways to go before winning me back.


Opens up coat Because I have a great selection here, cheap...


Interesting. I went back to my old blackberry, after using an Android phone for about six months. I had no idea how much I missed it until I switched back. I don't want or need the apps that come stock on an Android (and that every single service provider wants you to have anyway). About the only thing I found useful that I regret not having was the ability for the Android to replace the GPS. That's it.

I like the keyboard, and although I had a keyboard on my Android, it was annoying to have so much of the functionality locked in to the touch screen. I might have tolerated the Android if I could have had one that I could just use the keyboard, but it was the final straw (for me), and I went back. When I called T Mobile to say I wanted to switch back, I got a two second pause while the person helping me picked up the official instructions. Apparently I'm not alone. ;-}

I'll replace this BB down the road with another one, esp now that they've refocused on the business user.


I figure Blackberry is on their way out because they have been left behind, so no, I would not get a Blackberry.


I have owned Blackberries. I hate them as a phone. They truly suck, so no, I would not be interested in a new one.

On the other hand... Blackberry cobbler does sound wonderful and tasty.


I have a Blackberry through my job and I can't wait til our renewal comes around so I can snag an iPhone. I like having a keyboard, but apps are severely overpriced (there's one that adds the simple feature of text message reminder alerts and it's like $10!) and others are just really poor (Yelp and Facebook). Since you can get Droids with keyboards I don't know what the advantage of BB is.