questionswhat's the most urgent problem on atc?


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This black eye that service has needs to be fixed. Quickly. Individual case-by-case fixes isn't going to clean it up and restore a good rep.

This requires a giant ping. One that goes to the supervisor of MS. And, to the CEO of woot. Whomever that may be now. Okay, I'm not naive, I'm certain that they're aware of this grievous problem. All I'm saying is...please do whatever it takes to fix it.

These frustrated customers don't understand the procedures (who does?) and they're clogging up our playground.

Wouldn't it be nice to go back to inane chit-chat? And finding deals/solutions to problems for other curious members?


I've said it before and I'll say it again, this whole Customer Service thing has really rubbed me the wrong way. I've not only been a direct part of the frustration, but we are all directly impacted here everyday with disgruntled customers. Realistically, I would say that every time one of these questions are posted, they simply get deleted, unfortunately this would just escalate the problem pissing the customer off even more. These customers we have seen here are only drops in the bucket compared to a much larger problem. We have the trickle down of customers desperate enough to try anything for a response.

Both of my Backpacks of Crap were lost in the mail. Weeks go by and finally @thunderthighs is able to forward on my frustrations. Customer Service contacts me saying 4 of the 6 items are no longer in stock...I figured however that a BOC would have an unlimited supply of different things to put in..but whatever. Got a refund, but it's still frustrating to say the least.


I have no answer to this question and I have no authority to make any decisions.

If I were Woot, I'd take the loss here, refund what I need to refund no questions asked. I can't imagine how they are still struggling so much with customer service it's already half way through January.

*shakes head in disappointment


@studerc: "Customer Service contacts me saying 4 of the 6 items are no longer in stock..."

They must use the Best Buy holiday order fulfillment system.


I couldn't agree more. I still can't understand why those who should know better don't "get" the importance of customer service. Maybe it really is only a small percentage of customers who run into problems here, but that isn't the point. Anyone who has an issue deserves to have it dealt with in a timely manner, and that clearly doesn't happen around here.

Even better, anyone who has an issue should be able to talk to an actual person. As big as this place has become and considering the owner, that really shouldn't be too difficult to put in place. Woot has grown a lot since its inception, and the level of customer service provided needs to grow as well.


It's ironic that a big company (Amazon) buys a little company (WOOT) because it's a good, profitable company then proceeds to destroy the little company. Where is the logic?


@ohcheri: add to that that Amazon requires sellers to respond to customer emails within 24 hours or their account gets dinged... why isn't that system in place at woot? Hmm...


@ohcheri: Yes! And again and again and again I ask myself: WTF did Amazon buy Woot, anyway? Because it seems to me they've done a splendid job of mucking up the (once) good name of Woot! & the sterling parent brand. Why did they bother?


@gertiestn: Perhaps to make them (WOOT) fail? Part of Amazon's plan to crush all their small competitors? (Insert evil laugh here).


An then they slap us in the face with yet another Woot-Off and BOC game that they don't have the capacity to handle


Love this place & continue to love this place but my participation has slowed down considerably because it has been sooo negative here.Complaint after complaint (many valid) & I just get tired of reading it. On top of that, the one question I asked after nearly of month of not asking was responded with an accusation of rep building. I haven't been number one in quite a while & am not trying to be the #1 guy, & really resented the fact that someone would accuse me of that. This used to be a place where I could ask question about things that interested me & people would answer without thinking I have an agenda.



I will say this though, in that question I did ask, I got some awesome responses & it really did help with some of the things I was doing. You guys are awesome!

@hizzo87, @thunderthighs (because I always have to include you for some reason ;) ) I know everyone is doing the best they can & I know this stuff goes in cycles. Perhaps in a few months this place will once again be the happy go lucky place I know it can be.


I dunno. It feels to me as if there's some sort of systemic change in the works.

If I'm wrong, then perhaps there should be one.


I find it ironic that your question ended up on the "everything but deals" tab when ATC is half of the deals community. My solution can be practical and possible, yet not logical or logistical. It is also not fresh, yet it needs to be mentioned again.....come up with a doable auto-expire time frame on all deals and use the extra (wo)manpower on Customer Service! A definite win/win!


@jsimsace: Thank you for noticing. I find it ironic, too. Esp. since the tags are meta & customer service. Definitely deal related as I explained in the question. For whatever the reason, this question was marked to be buried.

Your solution is a good one. We keep hearing about how Member Svcs. is inundated. So very far behind. Of course they are....1st there was Black Friday. Then Cyber Monday. A woot-off. And, finally, Christmas. None of those were anticipated, eh?

A very wise executive once told me that pointing out a problem was good. Offering a solution...better. You've offered one. I will suggest another:

Woot should send out an apology email to all active members. (At the very least, post something on a forum.) Advise us that the problem w/Member Services will be cleared up w/i 2 weeks. AND, will never happen again.

Fix it woot; it's irreparably broken. Side note to staff: I do feel sorry for you and know that you can't fix it.


It seems that the problem of the deluge of disgruntled customer questions flooding AtC has been solved.

Almost all of those questions were deleted. Guess that'll fix it. Sorta. Hoping that those who post new questions will be contacted by staff.