questionshow do i move my apple airport express to a new…


I'm pretty sure it's a simple plug and play. To my understanding, an Airport Express is basically a router, plug that into the modem and you should be good. Any security settings you have wont go away because you've unplugged the device.

For clarity, what does TWC stand for? I can't imagine it would radically change the answer, but it's always good to be thorough.


@thedogma: TWC = Time Warner Cable

[Edit] and yes, it's plug and play. It should simply work.


@shrdlu: I thought so. I stand by my answer, then


Thanks all! I knew I could count on you.


[You could just buy a whole new airport express. woot has them on sale today


Why would I do that? It's 2 months old? Trying to spend my money?


@cowboydann: I see what you did there. Although in that case, I think it's more of a build and play than a plug and play.

edit: Oh yea, and as far as the question goes, I just did this about a month ago. Once you plug it in, everything will be exactly the same as before.


Plug and play is awesome(thankfully). It should work just fine.