questionsare you ever forced to buy something because it…


I don't know about the question but I DO want to know where you got that TV!


Cheap magazine subscriptions. Last year it was Rolling Stone, Wired and Natural Health. This year (so far) it's been Discover, Maxim, Esquire, Better Homes, Martha Stewart Living, Rachel Ray and Taste of Home.

Don't judge me. I need help.


I kind of feel that way about the Vibram Fivefingers I just bought. It's like I've been violated...


@wingnutzero: The same place I got my 42 inch 720p plasma for 192 shipped. :P


@coolphilip04: That's just not fair! To answer your question, I am pretty stingy with how I spend my money so I don't usually get tempted to buy something simply because it is a deal, I have to actually need it. That's why though I love woot, I do not buy a ton of stuff from woot.


well....that's certainly the justification i've used to myself a few times.


My mom does... it's a terrible thing because she hoards them....


Only when I'm over-imbibing.


I have said to myself that "well, I'm here, it's here, it's a good deal, so just get it." That usually only happens at thrift stores, however, so my dollars do end up helping out others in the community, lessening the associated guilt.

Other stores ... it's been years since I've done that.


Absolutely. I have about 600 different unopened items in my house... that all cost .99 cents each.


See the main Woot deal today. Did I really need to buy 3 computer mice just now?