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I don't really know what a "steelbook" is, but you have repeated it enough time in your post that it seems like a thing. Steelbook. STEELbook. StealBOOK.


@90mcg112: It's a steel case (instead of plastic + a sleeve) for DVDs, etc.

(I'm not much into movies, so no comment about preference.)


It has a more premium look and feel, I suppose.
I don't understand why you'd ever throw away a case for anything, though.


@stryker4526: Because I'm not going to return a DVD, and all I really want is a movie; I'd rather maximize space by keeping them all together in one large case.
Then again, I almost never buy movies on DVD at all anymore, and my collection is small enough that finding the one I want isn't a big deal without the cases.


I've gotten one on a couple of games when the collector's edition was randomly cheaper than the standard one, and I don't mind them but I wouldn't pay extra for it. It doesn't seem to be significantly more durable than the standard DVD-type case. The artwork on Force Unleashed II's steelbook was pretty sweet, though I find the cute flash drive they included a much stronger selling point.


I don't really care what my case is made of, but I do have a fairly large DVD collection and hated how much space it took up so I invested in 7mm plastic cases. They're half the size of the regular one, just about as durable (though I did get some cheap double disc ones that break a lot easier), and still allow me to browse the shelf and see what movie I want to watch. If only I actually watched any of those movies...

What to do with all the old 14mm cases? I gave them to the local library and they couldn't have been happier. Well, except maybe if I gave them lots of cash instead.


If you're buying something in a steel case, it's probably a collectible to you. It's for display and to be kept looking nice. Not for the majority of your movies, though, I hope.

@stryker4526: I keep over 200 DVD's in 4 small binders in a closet. They're made for DVD's and have a spot for the dvd case sleeve and 2 discs each. The movies are all ripped to the media server, and I rarely consult the real disc. Do you know how much space 200 DVD's take up? I was glad to throw away the cases. Same for my music CD's. For now, my Blu-rays stay in their cases - many even still have their cardboard sleeve over the blu-ray case.


I've bought a few when they were on sale for very cheap. They are nice but I wouldn't pay full price for them.

I'm a pretty big movie collector (Blus and DVDs). I did what Heesme did and ditched my DVD cases a while ago and converted all of them to slimpack cases All of the bonus discs are in a binder since I rarely watch them.