questionsdoes amazon ever offer non-specific coupon codes?


Assuming you mean "offer" as already noted, I've never seen them offer anything except a code based on another Amazon purchase based on specific products. I am actually glad they don't. Amazon is a reliable source for good pricing. If they start offering promo codes, they will end up like other retailers or websites that inflate their prices because they know promo codes will be used. I'm ok with good old fashioned fair pricing.

Also, I think the lightning deals and other similar promotions are their way of doing similar marketing techniques as a promo code/discount code.


Get an Amazon credit card and use the points to buy stuff from :)


@ohcheri: That is a good point. It's basically like getting 3% off every order. It's better than nothing...and actually not that bad of a card/deal.


@wnyx585am: I use my card all the time, no annual fee and I pay the balance each month so no interest either. I use the points to fund my book habit.