questionsdo you know what happened today in music history?


I love Queen. It's been over 20 years and no one else has written a great song about bicycles. It's sad, really..


@1298ty: LOL! Or a good song about fat-bottomed girls, although the one Sir Mixalot recorded might fall into that category.


When `Night came out "I'm in Love with My Car" got worn through the vinyl. (My girlfriend at the time liked BoRap so I wasn't missing out on anything.)


I'm a huge fan, though I was born about 10 years too late to have ever had a chance to see them in concert.

Favorite songs: Now I'm Here; Stone Cold Crazy; Brighton Rock; '39; The Prophet's Song; and yes all the obvious hits too.

I love the way Brian started messing with those echo effects and Freddie thought, hey, that would be pretty cool with the vocals, I should try that!


Just reading the question made my head start bobbing! You can't separate the song from that movie any more.


"Sheer Heart Attack" was always a favorite of mine, and I have to agree with @bls1 on "The Prophet's Song". I remember how sweet that one sounded with headphones plugged into my 8-track player. :)


I'm not really a fan of Queen, but I absolutely love their soundtrack for the film FLASH GORDON. It was awesome!

It easily qualifies as both one of the best superhero movie soundtracks and most memorable superhero soundtracks. Ever!


I can't listen to "The Show Must Go On" without shedding a tear. Knowing the story of the recording of the song as well as hearing Freddie's immense singing ability condensed into one song always overwhelms me.

At the other side of the spectrum, "One Vision" always makes me laugh. It makes no sense why the last lyric is "Fried Chicken", but embodies the type of attitude and spirit both Freddie and Queen had.

All the other hits are great (and there are too many to name), but "Bohemian Rhapsody" is simply the greatest rock song of all time.


Melancholy Blues is my favorite.Its mostly Acappella"without music"and it shows off Freddies range and vocal control.