questionscan i transfer tivo files to my pc's hard drive?


I will answer only for the TiVo. I don't know (or care for that matter) about other boxen.

The answer is a resounding yes, and as for 'how', pick your method. There is a program called TiVo Desktop. You can log in to your TiVo via a web page and download the file. There's a better program called pyTiVo with more features than TiVo Desktop. The format is .tivo, VLC can play it and it is very easily converted to regular mpg.


There are programs that can strip out commercials automatically also then resave the file but for the life of me I can't remember the name, a quick googling will get that for you.


Thank you very much for that detailed answer! Sorry I can give you only +1, that deserves more than one point.

I'm still curious about the other brands of recorder, since something else might pop up on sale before the next TiVo clearance.


Can I do this with DirectTV's DVR?


@caffeine_dude: No.
Crowbite: A Tivo would work nice but as long as your destination is a PC anyway why don't you just purchase a tuner card for your PC and use WMC? I use a Tivo but have read a tuner card and WMC is quite a bit cheaper but does require some setup.


Thank you all for your answers!

To respond to a few of you, who suggested using a tuner card (or USB tuner) with my PC to do the recording... There are a few reasons why I'm exploring a separate "box" to do the recording.

• First, a TiVo (etc.) would be smaller than a PC and thus more convenient.
• Second, a TiVo (etc.) would hopefully have lower current consumption.
• Third, the ultimate destination is to put the files on my laptop so I can watch them while I'm travelling, so I would need to transfer them from the "recording" PC to the "playback" PC. Since that transfer step would be necessary anyway, why not just transfer them from a TiVo (etc.) which has the first two advantages.


Does anyone know of a cable card like tuner for Satellite? Or a way to satellite work with WMC ? I have the new ceton echo 6 tuner card but my local cable provider is going to crap ....