questionswhat's with the memory foam mattresses?


I completely agree! I wish they would have gone the route you described, but hey, I guess that's why they get paid the big bucks ;). These coupons are burning a hole in my pocket, but I don't need a memory foam any size :).


@studerc: I am waiting as well to use my coupons and don't want to wait until the last minute like I did previously. But I also would like to buy something I need or really want. I guess I will have to wait and see


It's the Invasion of the Mattresses. What's going on woot? I've mentioned before that I thought there was an overlap of, wine.woot and home.woot. But seriously, this is more than a bit redundant. You've really outdone yourselves on this one. Even if they are different sizes. Queen on, King on home.woot, Full on sellout.woot, Twin on Moofi.



I know, right? It'd be like someone coming to deals.woot and seeing nothing but cowboy related deals!

I guess the staff likes to mix it up just as much as we do.


I wish they would list them all on one page, but notate that there are other sizes available. It sucks to see three of essentially the same item listed. :( I love the variety that is woot! This one was disappointing for sure!


at least the shirt isn't a mattress.


I honestly don't understand the allure of memory foam at all. Latex is a much better product, although not as well advertised (there is no equivalent of a Tempurpedic for Latex).

Problem with memory foam:

1) Toxic: Visco-Elastic Polyurethene is a petroleum byproduct. During the manufacturing process, many toxic chemicals are used and much of it remains inside the foam cells. It slowly outgasses.

2) Hot: It works by trapping heat (it softens as it heats up); so if you live in anywhere that would get would get VERY hot.

3) Overpriced: Well, unless you buy from Woot here, Tempurpedic is extremely overpriced for what it is. But if you buy on Woot, you don't get to try it out to see if it works for you before you buy.

Latex is just about as expensive, BUT it does not have the problems above. There are good reasons why most Europeans and Asians sleep on latex (and so do I). I don't understand why we always get sold crap and think it's better...