questionswhat appetizer are you bringing to thanksgiving?


Do you have a crock pot? You could bring chile con queso. Simple, minimal chile con queso:
if you can buy frozen green chile (or better yet fresh roasted) then buy it. Saute chopped onions, tomatoes and chile in butter. In crock pot, melt Velveeta, add sauteed veggies. Serve with tostada chips. White chile con queso made with asadero cheese is better, but the Velveeta kind is tasty.

Want something simpler? Buy a jar of rasberry-chipotle sauce and a block of cream cheese. Put cream cheese on an attractive dish and pour sauce over it. Serve with club crackers or other neutral flavored crackers.

Willing to do a bit of work? You could make cheese stuffed bacon wrapped jalapenos. Super delicious and not that hard. Precook them and then warm them in the microwave to serve. Here's one of the many web recipes:,231,154179-239204,00.html


Ham and cream cheese roll ups with a side of sweet jerkins.


Ro-Tel dip + tortilla chips is an easy crock pot appetizer.


Buffalo chicken dip. Can be done in a crock pot, Or microwaved. I use one brick of cream cheese, and 1/4 cup hot sauce. No need to burn your nose hairs off!