questionsvinyl or chainlink fence for the back yard? will…


Mine is vinyl that matches the house, and I get compliments on it all the time. I have a corner lot in our neighborhood which makes it look so much better. Many homeowner's associations do not allow chain link fences. I prefer vinyl.


You can't beat chain link for durability, but vinyl looks much nicer. Not sure about long term maintenance on it though; I don't have to do anything on my chain link unless a tree falls on it. :)


Wood is completely out? Our HOA is pretty much non-existent so we were able to install a very sturdy 6 foot pressure treated wood fence to keep our Jack Russell Terror inside the back yard. Mary Margaret could darned near scale the fence when she was chasing after the evil squirrels.
Chain link was completely out as a choice as she learned to climb one in the space of two days and the wood pieces that she gnawed on were much more easily replaceable than vinyl would have been. (I still have baseboards with her chew marks on them.)

She's gone now, and the fence is still going strong with our two 35 pound not-so-mini Aussies that throw themselves against it as well.


Like @lavikinga I too have a 6' privacy fence that encloses my back yard. After 9 years it is still sturdy and looks great. It kept in our husky mix with no problems. I live in a wooded area and the wood fence blends in nicely with the house and neighborhood. Plus it was only a fraction of the cost of vinyl.


i prefer chain link as it's a lot longer lasting, but that is just me. you can buy the privacy slats to put in them if you want. or plant vining thorny plants to cover (roses or blackberries come to mind.)

as for the subject of sales: what area are you in? what stores do you have around? i have noticed the lumberyards in my area do a three month loop on their sales. basically everything is on sale at least once every three months. so depending on how soon you need the fence would make a difference. also please remember that most fences need the post set in concrete. the ground temp needs to be above 50degrees for it to setup correctly, the colder it is the longer it takes to setup.

good luck


There's only one vinyl fence in my area, and the owner has replaced parts of it every single year, because his dogs destroy it. It was new in 2007. First time out, they actually chewed through the bottom. He made sure to embed the planks into the ground, and they managed to dig under, and break the boards off. He replaced the boards, and covered them with chicken wire on the inside, so they just moved to boards further down the fence.

It looked nice the first year he did it, all sparkly white and shiny. Now? Not so much.

I have a horse wire fence (sometimes called a no-climb fence) and posts. That may be a more rustic solution than your neighborhood will permit. I think it's more attractive than the chain link fence, myself.

You can then plant something bramble-like along it, and it's harder for your dogs to get around.

I'm with others though. Why not wood?


Another wood lover here. We have a 6 foot pressure-treated privacy fence around approximately 1/2 acre to contain our yellow lab and maintain privacy. I stained it to match the vinyl siding part of our house and it looks great. Installed cost here was $12/ft with gates as add-ons.


Have had both chain link & wood stockade fences. By far, I prefer wood. Immediate privacy & visually pleasing. I also plant hedges, bushes, & more in front of the fences. Double privacy.

When I moved here, I had 2 dogs. Needed back yard containment. Installed wood stockade across the back of the property. Chain link down both sides of the back yard. There were existing full grown hedges owned by both neighbors. One side to the back - installed wood; the other chain link.

Have replaced the back once; the side to the back yard twice. The chain link on both sides - gone. One neighbor installed stockade. The other side; the neighbor took out the beautiful hedge; I installed stockade. That fence is also gone. New house had a 6' wall installed for their pool/enclosure. Have planted all along that wall. Very private & so lovely now.

TL:DR? Love wood stockade! No wait for privacy & it blends well w/the surroundings.


All of you dog owning fenced in yard owners - what's your trick to keep them from digging under?

OP: I like the look of vinyl best. Thought I don't know how it holds up.


I have three dogs so looks like I should be looking at wood fence instead of either vinyl or chain link. I kept looking for vinyl fence reviews regarding how they hold up with dogs but never found one on the Lowe's site. I guess you all have explained why. So what do I need to know about wood and how DO you keep the dogs from digging under then?


@cindihoward: Chicken wire planted in the ground helps. I have neighbors that have used it with success.


@shrdlu: Sorry it has taken so long to reply to you. Thanks for the chicken wire suggestion. It was nice to see a member name I recognized. Have a great day!