questionsis there a place on "woot" you can see past deals…


We wish. As awesome as that would dice. Sorry.

We have asked for a better system of expiring deals that aren't valid anymore, or instituting an automatic expiring system after a certain amount of time, but thus far Woot either hasn't come up with a good one or doesn't find it necessary.


If you're talking about past deals on the main woot sites - those shown in tabs at the top of this page (woot, tech, home, sport, kids, wine, sellout) - No. They are one day deals. There are extra woot plus deals on each of those sites that often last longer than 1 day. The one day deals may be offered again at a later time, or during a woot-off. Your best bet: If you see something you want, buy it the day it's listed.

If you're referring to the deals on deals.woot (where you asked this ?), they might be available. Or not. Those are deals listed by members (& woot staff) and expiration dates are varied....see @meh3884's comment. ;-)


As with every rule, there's an exception. Technically you can't get past deals. But in actuality, the often come back around, either as another day's woot, on sellout, or on a woot-off or a moofi deal. Search deals.woot for "moofi" to see 5-7 deals (typically) that aren't currently on the main sites (but are often prior woots), for example.