questionscan you help me find a laptop pc for around $200?


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just picked up an Asus 14" for $219 on a Best Buy Deal of the Day a few weeks back. Sign up for email sales emails from different retailers and check frequently. May have to wait 'til after Christmas for a good deal now (or maybe not ;).


Staples had/s Chromebooks on sale for $170.. Off the top of my head it was around 11"/2gb RAM/1.5GHz clock.

Off the bottom of my head, I'd ask what you were looking for? You can find laptops for under $200 all day long (typically only until around 11:59pm each day though), you can even find mostly "up-to-date" ones for $250~.. But each will have some kind of concession.. Screen size, speed, memory, HDD space.. the fact that it was made in 1985.

You need to figure out what's feature(s) are most important, and in what order.

Hell, if your definition of "laptop" is flexible you can get a Hinese Sero for around $90. Add a BT keyboard for $10 and a 32gb C10 micro SD for $17 and have yourself something! You can even add a cheap Droid dock/HDMI screen and have a pseudo netbook.


I'd try They are returning new computers all the time, and they are resold there. A sweet scratch and dent model (actually refurbished) will turn up eventually. This is where I bought my laptop.


Saw this in the paper the other day. Thought it was a misprint but no actually saw one in the store. Not a bad little computer. Way back before they started pre-slicing bread Gateways were pretty popular and had the coolest packaging.

$199 for touchscreen laptop 10.1"