questionsdid you hear that arijit guha, the cancer patient…


Did you notice who wrote the original Boing Boing piece and who designed the Woot shirt? Cory Doctorow ! !

Double "Oh wow!"


Dang. I'm sorry to hear this.


Always sad to here about someone like that passing.
We can use all the good deed doers we can get in this world.



@ceagee: Sadly, most good deed doers don't tend to thrive because the evil-doers scream and yell more loudly, make more profit (out of depriving others) and thus can stay put for longer.

I try to do good with my company, but gosh, is it difficult.

As for the flying while brown...that happens all the time. I have experienced it myself (just not brown, but another color), with cops, too. Got beat up by a few cops once for having a pretty white girlfriend in the car; they said I kidnapped her. I was lucky they didn't shoot me. To the then-girlfriend's credit, she yelled at them like hell; but that didn't change anything. I still remember their last words to her "date your own kind then you won't have this problem".

RIP to this courageous gentleman. I work with cancer patients (mostly young children) all the time and I am a two-time survivor, it's really tough. sigh


f**k cancer. rest in peace.

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I'm not a mod on deals, so curse away.


I wonder if would be willing to feature a Doctorow-desigened shirt now (in the Amazon era) and let Cory write the humorous commentary?

Seems rather unlikely. :(