questionsis the tattle function malfunctioning or improved?


I believe you may just have some super powers. I just went in and tattled 10 really old deals. The did not immediately RIP. I will check back in a few minutes to see if this changes.I do go in and do my fair share of tattling on old deals and think I might like the immediate RIP happening.


didn't insta-rip an old expired deal for me either


Everyone better be extra-super nice to the all-powerful @morriea!

And please use your power for good, not evil.


Here is a link to one of them. see my note for today and the RIP. This is the one I did 2nd to confirm that I was not crazy.

I just tried this one and it did not work:

I then tried another to no avail. WOOT!!!! are you messing with me?


Not working instantly for me either, but maybe you now have "The Power" being #1 on the leaderboard :)


OK, WOOT! Now the 2nd link in my above reply is a 404 Error...really?! Not even RIP...

someone is messing with me. (I tried the above on 2 different computers).


I have been wondering the same thing for a few days now but for different reasons. On the leader boards it tell me I can increase my reputation by tattling on some old deals. Which I have done to about 20 deals that are no longer available or the price has gone back up. I did not follow up to see RIP but my Tattle meter has not moved at all. I guess I have the opposite of Super Tattle Powers. :(


@morriea: Wow! You've got the POWER! Cool.


Well, I may not have any super powers, but I've just run into the fastest post/tattle/delete I've ever seen.

China-based ebay seller who opened their ebay account on July 1, who currently has ZERO feedback, posted an ad yesterday for a tablet. I tattled, someone deleted it. He posted it again not 15 minutes ago; the deal was 4 minutes old when I tattled it again. I checked it less than five minutes later and it was gone! Zapped!


The sleeze also posted the same item as being sold through a brand new Amazon account, but the user ID was different. Think I'll have to keep a close watch on them both, since they don't seem to mind either socks or shills posting their deals.


I've had this happen a number of times over the years. I think if a mod is looking at tattles at the time you're tattling, you get lucky and get to watch them disappear.


@the550cordshop: There is a lag time for when it effects your meter. If it's working. Who knows.