questionswhat makes you vote for a deal?


I have answered this question before a few times, but basically it depends. I vote for stuff I like - movies, music, good deals.

I also vote for things because I am being contrary and decide that I shall start voting for things to make them hit the popular page more often (guns, ocheri) to annoy people.

I will vote for things from specific people because their deals are usually trust worthy and I think they deserve notice on the popular page.


I just vote for things I actually buy. If it's a good enough deal that I'll fork over the cash, it's deserves a vote.


I generally vote for things I would buy or I think are awesome.

Nice use of Sparkly unicorn, btw :D


Sparkly-unicorn tags, I vote for those!
I vote for good deals, people who I want to support who find good deals, and sometimes just because something about it amuses me in some way.


@faughtey: I vote the same way as you. Once in a while, I see white triangles who have an OK deal, but zero votes so I vote on them. Kind of my little random act of kindness, like putting coins in a stranger's expired meter.

@hobbit: Aha,you're the one voting those up. :) I've voted on a few ohcheri, and I only vote on guns if they would be good in a zombie apocalypse.


@mtrlgrl: I am cleary not the only one, it takes more than me to get something voted over to popular, but if I get pissy yes I will vote for things I might not normally vote for until the woot god asks me to stop.

I vote for white triangle stuff all the time, as long as the deal is good. How else can they gain a reputation?

I have also been known to go back and unvote stuff because people bug me.


I have voted in ways (1) through (4). I was feeling competitive for a little bit and only voting on the things that I thought stood the best chance of "making it" (i.e. getting other people's votes, which they might for any of reasons (1) through (4)), but I found that that was taking the joy out of it so now I'm back to voting for things that I would buy or think others should. So, if something sold by meritline is clearly utter garbage, yet I'm pretty sure people will impulse-buy it anyway, I'm not voting for it because I don't want to support that. I've become paternalistic with my voting.

And then, of course, I vote for things that are just plain amusing - which is what I think you meant by (3).


I'm in the same boat as @gwintner where I used to try to figure out what others would like and vote for that to play on the Top Voter part of the Leaderboard. Then I got bored with that. Now I vote on stuff I like. Unfortunately I've been too swamped lately to do much extra research to validate deals.

Like @hobbit, I'll support the deal-hunters I've grown to realize share my taste. I trust @unclefrog's freebie deals, but will put others' through more of a check. I'll vote on @mtrlgrl's silly stuff unless she posts illegal salt & pepper shakers. I keep an eye on @auntnewt because I feel like she finds great stuff that fewer people see because she's purple. I (maybe foolishly) put a bit more trust in the black triangles who are active.


Alright, I'll be the big bad head shrinker and post the last 2 that while true, make everyone mad by bringing our herd mentality to the forefront:

(5) Any deal on the fresh page nearing the double digit mark in hopes that it'll be pushed over to the popular page and we get our names on the shiny leaderboard.

(6) Any deal posted by staff in hopes that sucking up will work out better this time than that year you spent on the forums vying to be the fan club president for Saskatchewan. ;)