questionsdoes the deal today on the roku have caption…


Hiya, I'm really not sure what you're asking here, but I suspect it would be better answered in the deal thread itself where someone could assist you better.



@inkycatz: If I may. I believe this wootizen is in essence, stating the following:

Does the sponsored Roku deal have caption capability? His model currently does not have this, but he would like to have caption capability.

I also can't answer your question and I also agree it would best be served on the product thread :)


That's all of the Roku deals I could find over here. Which one were you referring to?


I'm not sure that any Roku unit has caption ability, but many shows/movies streamed through Netflix and Hulu TO a Roku are available captioned or subtitled. Sadly and strangely, Amazon doesn't seem to offer any cc or subtitled films (other than foreign films with English subtitles.) Hope this helps.


Here's a chart showing the capabilities of past and present Roku models. If you're asking about a deal posted today for a Roku 2 XS, the answer is yes it does have Netflix captioning capability.


Whether or not the roku has the ability to transfer caption transmissions,
a lot depends on whether or not your monitor can display them. Check the menu options.
As I've gotten a bit older, I depend on CC to keep the noise level down.
Or as my wife says: "If you can hear it, it's too loud!".
Many DVD players have the menu option of CC on or off. Try it out. Use this to test your display unit.
I've gotten rid of two large CRT type TVs this year, perfectly fine, for not being able to display CC.
Then again, flats are nice!