questionshear ye, hear ye the mighty @conanthelibrarian's…


I vote for the Ginsu Knives.


retro phone is my vote as it is close to the stuff we saw in the early days, the knives second due to other brand being woot off killers in the past


I say go big and get the knives, or go retro and get the phone. Whatever you think you will get more use out of. For me it would be the knives.


No 4th option of a "how bad could a shirt be?" This one has been the bane of many jokes on shirt.woot. Although other designs have since undercut its low sales, this shirt will remain historic in its awfulness ...

(And if it matters, it's printing on AA).


If you want to make it a big deal, then something monkey-like would be appropriate. So I will go off the board and suggest this:


I vote for the Gun Rack:

Hopefully you don't own a gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire gun rack. What are you going to do with a gun rack?


@narfcake: Since it's on AA, are you buying it? ;)


@msklzannie: Haha, but nope! I'm not that desperate.

(FWIW, I only bought 1 shirt in May when there was the blank option.)


The laptop on Woot is a decent deal, but the gunrack is a particularly good deal. I have several of these racks and they are most useful. This is the best price I've seen anywhere.


How about that fancy cart deal and stock up?


So, @conanthelibrarian, are you going to tell us what it was?


@hot72chev: I forgot to share all my goodies! I decided to go old school with my purchases. I got:

Innovage retro phone

Mr. Rootbeer homemade root beer kit



every item in this order I will be using the minute I receive it.


All Black Triangles meet at @conanthelibrarian's place for our next meeting - he's got Root Beer!


What? Epic conanthelibrarian only has barely over 100 woots? Shame! :-P


@hot72chev: Great! I'll be there, but I can't drink root beer so I'll have to settle for some wine.woot purchase.

Congrats on your 100th purchase. I'm only in the 70s here, but I come close to 100 if I count in the purchases my alter ego has made for me. I need to check in on that persona and see if he/she is still active. I only tend to use it around Christmas when I'm stocking up and the purchase limits block me.

Pyrex, eh? How delightfully practical.


@hot72chev @belyndag

Great ! See you guys there. Rumor has it that pyrex set will be filled with goodies !

Uh, @conanthelibrarian ? You are going to post directions, right ? : )

Congrats on your purchases ! Enjoy.