questionsi just "unlocked" $5 shipping on some water…


@mlutz3: didn't suit my needs! at all! but i guess monetarily, it would address this quandary.


You seem like the type of person that would enjoy the Nanoblocks over on Kids.Woot Plus sale. There are some pretty cheap ones that look like a lot of fun.


$6 Odd Duck, obviously.

Edit: Pro tip: the wootstalker android app allows you to see all woot plus deals and sort them by price. Cheapest thing right now are some youth shorts for a buck fiddy.


There's always Leak Frogs. A girl can't have too many leak frogs.

I also found the "Core Bamboo Prep Station with Bowls" attractive, and it's very reasonably priced at $24.99 (although I don't believe the "list price" of $90.00).

They aren't really bowls. They're measuring cups, and the board is engraved with a measurement conversion chart. I almost bought it just to have handy as an emergency bridal shower/wedding/housewarming gift.


I'm with @hot72chev, my first reaction to this question was candy! I too unlocked free shipping both yesterday and today and picked up the chocolated covered marshmallows and a few sock monkey things for my brother :)


I agree, @shrdlu: , I put one under my kitchen sink, forgot about it. One day beep, beep, beep. I had no idea what it could be. Under the sink we had a small leak that could have gone undetected for weeks. It was so early in the leaking stage I was surprised leaky was beeping.


How about some more water bottles, You can never have to many.


grrr. haven't been able to decide yet.
@bsmith1: solid call on the ducks. i was also admiring the moai statues as @lichme suggested (you were totally right).
the candy caught my eye, @hot72chev & @lmensor. thought about cookies, but the marshmallow things looked pretty irresistible, too.
@shrdlu & @caffeine_dude deserve credit for suggesting a, you know, practical item.
could use new headphones. thought about the RIOs.

tell you what drove me nuts: i've needed a new yoga mat for some time now and this is like...the ONE day we're not offering one somewhere on the site. classic woot.

anyhoo, thanks for joining me in my online adventure!


Is the personal lubricant still for sale on sport.woot?


@pemberducky: I bought a set of the 10oz waterworks bottles when they were offered on kids. I LOVE them, but I dislike the tops, especially when driving, so I'd suggest getting a pack of the "push-pull replacement lids'.

I'm trying to decide if I should get one of the 16oz packs... I've had, like, ten days to think about this since woot originally posted the sale and took it down within an hour, and I've almost talked myself out it, but I was so excited when the sale was first posted!