questionsadvanced search seems broken in the beta, anyone…


A little slow, but everything seems to work for me.


I second @falcondeal -- slow but working on both deal and community sides.


i've done several advanced searches since the "new woot!" appeared. i have no problems except too many results and a slow as shoot reload time


Very strange! After I fill out the form, if I hover my mouse over the "Search" button, my destination bar says:

But when I actually click the search button, nothing happens. The page doesn't change. The browser does NOT go to that URL. So of course no results appear.

The regular search (on the page) ... to the right of the words "COMMUNITY DEALS," works fine. But the "Search" button on that page points to a different URL ( /deals/search ).

I can't imagine what's going on here, that the basic search works fine, but the Advanced Search doesn't work for me (but apparently works for some other people).


Hmmm, this is really strange. I just tried it with Firefox 12.0 and it does work. But it does NOT work with my usual browser, IE8.

You folks who say it does work for you... what browser are you using?



@crowbite: I'm using Chromium 19+ (Linux), but opened Firefox 12 and it not only works there but is faster loading.