questionsanother reason woot is losing people?


Yeah, I just had one disappear for no apparent reason also. I wonder if the system is glitchy, or a new mod is flexing their power for evil/nonsensical/totally logical reasons that will be explained shortly.


I don't remember if it's the same issue or not, but something in this vein was removed a few days ago because the "I want one" button wasn't involved.


I'd post a screenshot if I knew how to get it done, but as I stated before, it wouldn't matter.


@misterron: You can upload it to a photo site ( or and then copy and past the direct link to your picture. Woot's magic does the rest!


I've had a few free deals deleted recently. Just gave up on posting anything after that.


Please post the link to the coupon in this thread and we'll take a look at it and get back to you.


@thumperchick: They aren't glitches...and based on their track record, nothing will be explained.


I've noticed a little "premature e-deletions" as well. The 50% off Papa Johns last weekend for MLB batting in over 100 runs comes to mind. It was posted on Friday and the title said something like "50% off Papa Johns all weekend". But in the description is clearly stated the code was valid Fri-Sun. It got deleted....twice.


I too have been victim of the premature deletions. I just don't post em any more either. Not worth the time and aggravation to figure out why it was deleted.


How about the ranking system too! Another reason I get frustrated with woot! I dropped 20 points over night and all I had was a deal that had 46 positive votes overnight.....


@jumbowoot: This is the only way I can get the link to show up without Woot turning it into the actual coupon. Put the next three lines all together and you'll have the link to the coupon.


@misterron: Please repost.
Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

All told.


@jumbowoot: Thanks. I' ll repost it.
All told!


Is Woot losing people? Has anyone noticed a decrease in the number of users? Or is it just a sense that people are leaving faster than they are joining?


Well, I posted a deal about two hours ago...

It was a ZAGG labor day (-ish) sale where all invisibleSHIELDs are 50% off with the discount code.

I just checked out my deals posted just now and it disappeared.

I'm not even sure what the deals criteria are now..

1) It wasn't a duplicate.
2) The deal was TODAY (not even a day before the deal).
3) All the info I think were sufficient.. I mean it was pretty simple, just put the coupon code "thursday50" on the checkout.
4) The coupon code works, so the deal was legit.

I personally don't like ZAGG anyways, but I posted the deal for those who are interested in it anyways (since there were some good votes from the past deal in memorial day).

To be honest, if this is how it's going... I think I'll pass on posting up deals again for a while and let the DVDs and lingerie take up the first pages. I'M GOING ON STRIKE GUYz!!


@misterron: At least your reposted deal is still there. ;-)

@thumperchick reposted her 'deleted in error' deal per jumbowoot's request...and the repost was deleted. Sad. Very, very sad.

Maybe what we have here is a big "failure to communicate?"


@joshobra: We do not allow promotions that require you to do something on facebook.
This is clearly not the case with this promotion however if you linked to facebook we would have deleted it.

Unfortunately this promotion has ended.

All told.


All told, I think JumboWoot has been on top of his game lately.