questionswhere can i find an audio out adapter for my tv?


@capguncowboy: Unfortunately no. I got something like that, but instead of the male 3.5mm plug it had the female 3.5mm plug. Thought that was what I needed, but the TV doesn't have the rca out plugs.

Thanks though; keep the suggestions coming Woot community!


How about posting your TV make and model? I'd be really surprised if it doesn't have an RCA line out somewhere back there.


@durkzilla: it's the Panasonic 37" U3 series.

But, I was checking it out after I ordered the other cable, and the only rca plugs were for input. Maybe there's a digital audio to rca cable that I could plug my other cable into...need to check that out.

(ed) I was just looking and I've been using the wrong term. It's the optical audio out.


If your TV doesn't have RCA outputs, you need a digital to analog audio converter. The FiiO D3 is a well-reviewed one under $30, and you can use the cable you already have. You would also need an optical audio cable if you don't already have one.


@thefenst: Thanks! I was hoping I wouldn't need a converter like that (and I was hoping for something super cheap too). I'll keep my eyes out for that until the Mrs. opens up the checkbook again.


@gewoodworth: toslink cables are really cheap on monoprice if you don't have one and decide to go with @thefenst's suggestion

You might also want to consider just picking up a new set of pc speakers that offer more inputs