questionscan anyone give me a good/bad point on verizon…


iPhones are not all that sturdy. With a good case, they are better but then they will be much bigger. If you tend to abuse your phones, I think I'd suggest something other than an iPhone.

Also, if your primary use (other than as a phone) is as a camera, then there are much better choices than an iPhone (there are a lot of worse ones as well).


I think you have to ask yourself what features you need the most out of a phone and start from there. I have had Droids and now I have an iPhone. I personally like the iPhone better. There are features that I miss from my Droid's, but all in all I personally think the iPhone is better constructed and I personally like iOS better then the Android OS's.

Everyone is going to have an opinion, but I tend to side with the iPhone. As for the camera.. I snapped this picture a couple of weeks ago with my iPhone 4s to give you some example of the quality. Now obviously the pictures wont come out nearly as well in low light situations, but if you are shooting in low light you're better of using a real camera.

Good luck with your decision!


We use a lot of iphones here at work.I forget the count, but we have somewhere around 400-500 out in use at any given time. We have a mix of iPhone 3, 4 and 4S. Very, very few have ever had issues with being broken. Several have died due to water damage which was entirely user error (We are a coastal town and lots of people have boats and lots of phones go overboard for some reason).

Verizon has always had consistent service for us. We've tested other carriers and universally our people prefer Verizon.

I really like the cameras in the phones as well. I'm an Android man myself but if Android doesn't fit someones needs, the iPhone on Verizon is, in my opinion, a solid choice.


Will you be traveling internationally? If so, CDMA (what Verizon uses) is not the international standard. You should probably get a GSM version instead which, unfortunately, is only available through AT&T in the US.

I have an iPhone and I also have an Android. I don't use the iPhone and use the Android exclusively. Couple reasons. First, I'm on T-Mobile now and the iPhone needs to be hacked to work on it. Then, most of the applications I use cost money on the iPhone but are free for the Android. The iPhone requires that I have iTunes installed to synchronize and I use mostly Google products anyway (Gmail, calendar, etc) so I don't need iTunes. If I want a song installed, I mount my Android as a drive through a USB cable and transfer the MP3 and it's there.


Verizon works in Forest Falls Ca. Now if that isn't reason enough for you, Well.....


@cengland0: Verizon iPhones do work internationally. All we have to do for international travel is activate the international dialing and data plans which Verizon will also pro-rate for the duration of the trip so we don't even have to pay a full month for them.


@bingo969: To make the Verizon iPhone international it would have to have a GSM chip and a CDMA chip. The rest of the world runs on GSM, which Verizon uses CDMA.

However, if you read the official Verizon iPhone FAQ, it says otherwise. "Yes, customers can use iPhone for voice and text in over 40 countries with data service in over 20 countries."

So my conclusion is this: It will work abroad in countries that use CDMA and when Verizon says it will work in 40 countires, it is referring to places like Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, India, Dominican Republic etc. It will not work in Europe, Middle East and any other other parts of the world. Therefore, it renders useless outside the USA & Canada in short.


My first cell was a Sprint iPhone which I love. I'm a casual user. If I lose it everything is on my computer.

I got Sprint because it has unlimited data. I heard Verizon was redoing their data plan and everything was going to be tiered. So if you text alot or go online alot that is something to check into. Could cost a bundle.


@cengland0: The iPhone 4S is a global phone. I should have specified I was referring to the 4S (Since the older non-S 4 model is indeed not a global phone). I don't think Verizon even offers the older non-S model anymore. I know they don't through our dedicated portal. I haven't checked the consumer site. So I assumed since the OP is going to get a new phone he or she would get the 4S.

The upshot - the iPhone 4S will work everywhere.


Positive : Verizon isn't AT&T
Negative : There isn't that much difference...


@baqui63: due to woots text limit on the questions, I didn't add in that my current phone and case will be equal to the iphone and otterbox in size. I measured them all, comparitively, not with a ruler. The iphone and otterbox is about the same size as my current phone and case. The next two phones that they had (that were close in size with the otterbox or carrier) were not going to fit on my belt. Yes, they would fit, but it would cause other things on my belt to be moved or adjusted, and that is not going to happen - think muscle memory.

Thank you for the point about them not being that sturdy.


@coondogg97: Thank you for the picture to reference. That helped alot. Most of my pictures will be close up, about 2-4 feet away, and normally to reference an item, or to take a picture of a particular object. Great detail is not needed. Current phone has a rather poor camera in it, and well, video usage is worthless on it.


@bingo969: thanks. Switching from Verizon is not an option, the phone choice is.


@cengland0: I may travel internationally, but that would be for pleasure and not work. When I go on vacation I do not use my phone much at all. I normally turn it off and check it about 2 times a day. Work requires constant telelphone communication, so a vacation means less talky talk on the phone.


@bingo969: Actually, the verizon store in my area still has some regular 4 phones, cheaper than the 4s models.


if your not a heavy web user, and mainly will only use your phone for facebook/email/pics then the iphone is the way to go. An android is meant for someone a little geekier/ or who likes customization and many choices for UI's/and look of the phone (im an android person myself, i like the freedom).

Otterboxes are good, they really are, but if you carry your phone in your pocket you will soon hate it. So if you dont want that you can go without the case, if you do drop it apples iphone warranty is second to none. Apple will replace it immediately.


@gojomoso: Thank you for the post and info on otterboxes and warranty. As crazy as this may sound, I use my phone for talking on. My work phone, which I carry as well, is a piece of junk (to put it nicely) that is at least 5 years old. I depend on my phone for emergency calls or to call a coworker on a non business phone number (I won't get into that one). I have a laptop in the car, so the phone is largely for talking on and taking pictures. I do my "techie" stuff at home on my puters.

Work will not replace the phone until it is broken. Call me old fashioned, but I will not break the business phone to get a new one (I know people who have said they have). I appreciate having a decent job in these times.


I really like my iPhone 4. For me, it works great. I like iOS way better than Android. I also had an iPhone 4, and I really liked it too. In fact I would still have if not for the right situation that led to me getting my 4s. If the camera is a big deal to you I would recommend you spend a little extra money to get the 4s, I think the camera is great, way better than the 4. Siri is a nifty feature, but not that big of a deal to spend more money to get it. Also the 4s has a faster processor, but might not make that big of a difference to you if you don't go online much on it. I would strongly recommend the iPhone 4/4s to anyone.


The iphone doesn't have 4G which kinda sucks.

IOS vs Android is really a preference thing so I won't get into that mess o worms.

My advice to everyone is to go prepaid. Contract phones are such an insane rip off.

I'm on virgin mobile and they are getting the iphone later this month. It's going to be 650 bucks, which is crazy to me, but if you do the math you will still be spending less in the first year than on verizon.

If you are married to verizon and are willing to consider android phones, check out the LG Lucid. My gf just got one and she really likes it and it was only 50 bucks with the 2 year discount. The battery life isn't great though so verizon sold her an extended battery for 25 bucks and now she only has to charge it once every 3 days. Plus verizon's 4G data speeds are crazy fast.