questionsany jumbowoot coupons since december?


Nothing here since 12/05. ಠ_ಠ


I received one every month until recently. I thought I it was just me not participating enough.

Perhaps this is another cutback that woot is making so it can be more profitable.


I was wondering the same thing, but I didn't dare ask...


Yea, I wasn't sure what was up -- I knew I had cut back a little bit...glad to hear it's not just me.


I missed the last couple and I figured at some point the coupons woudl stop coming. Thankful for what I got over the past few years no matter what the status of the program is


Given it appears the TAXSUCKS coupon is no longer valid, I wouldn't be surprised if wootazon has killed off the monthly coupons as well. But can't be sure since no staffer replied to the recent question about the taxsucks code. For those who don't know, taxsucks was a coupon code for $5 off any order more than $40 in states where sales tax is applied, however it no longer seems to work as of the last week or so.


I thought about this when the random shirt deal came up. I have used my coupon almost every time on random shirts.

I had assumed that I just wasn't active enough and missed the question when everyone else got their.

No random shirts for me this go around :(


@luvche21: I thought the same thing, but then I figured if there was a coupon someone would have undoubtedly jumped on the question section to.......thank @jumbowoot.


Nothing for me, either. As other folks have said, I wondered, but hated to ask. I do hope the coupon codes haven't disappeared for good. They were a nice incentive to participate (as if I needed more incentive), and I always thought of them as a "free shipping" deal. I have to confess to buying things I wouldn't necessarily have bought otherwise for fear of allowing the coupon code to expire. (My name is belyndag and I have a Woot addiction....)


@belyndag: I agree, I looked at the coupon as free shipping and did use it a couple of times on items I would have skipped hitting the big old button on otherwise. So in effect the coupon did generate some sales that Woot! woudld not have received if I did not have one available to use. I can also think of a few itmes recently that I woudl have bought with the coupon but did not because I didn't have one. Again, if they are done issuing them thanks for the ones I got.


3 hours and this question hasn't been deleted... maybe we'll get an answer guys


I haven't recently, but I've had periods of slacking.


The last time I received one was on 11/16/2012. I had the feeling they stopped it for the new year.

Maybe they somehow ported the coupons over to facebook like the BOCs.


I look forward to the day that companies realize Facebook sucks, and attempting to put all their eggs in that basket WILL fail. Hell, just a couple years ago Pepsi made a big fuss about how they would no longer have Superbowl commercials, and instead would focus their efforts on 'social media', mainly Facebook. That apparently worked so well they saw no need to go slinking back to the Superbowl this year.

Oh wait, except they totally did.

Fact. By spending all your efforts on Facebook, you are excluding a portion of your customer base. It can also be argued that you are focusing on...well, shall we say not the best quality audience? Companies that shat themselves in their haste to get on AOL were rewarded with a very stupid customer base that rarely actually paid out. Facebook is the new AOL, figure it out.


Haven't gotten (profanity) in months. Thinking of taking a laxative. Care to help, @jumbowoot ?


And here I thought I wasn't getting the coupon because I wasn't around much!


@jumbowoot is busy riding dragons and fighting rollercoasters. Give him time and he'll show up. Or not.


@stile99: I wish I could give your post 10,000 upvotes. Businesses (along with the public at large) are going to soon realize what Facebook really is and regret putting so much on it/into it.


It's been a long time since a got a coupon!


I just figured it was because Woot didn't like me anymore.


@bingo969: it's not that woot doesn't like you anymore. It's just that they don't like you anymore...


I haven't gotten many. Not as active as many of you. But, no, I haven't gotten one since before Christmas, either.


Everybody knows that if you want to get Jumbowoots attention you need to create a Jumbo meme.


I didn't get any the last two times they were given out. Just figured I'm not doing enough here.


I missed the last one (didn't post a deal on Black Friday) but got many before that. Sadly, I didn't use like 3 of them, because all three of them expired in December. Not sure why the first one had such a long lead time and the last had such a short one. Perhaps because they were phasing out the program and wanted it off the books?


I haven't seen any of them either, getting a coupon is like winning the lottery!
I bought much more in the past when I had the coupons.
I haven't been around as much since I haven't been getting them. Please give us a little something @jumbowoot!


@stile99: While I agree with nearly all your comments and understand the use of hyperbole, I'm really, really tired of the raggedy old canard about AOL users. AOL was the very first company to make the the internet and usenet available to most Americans. Back in 1994, AOL was the only company in my city to provide a dial-up access that didn't involve a long-distance call. AOL had 43 million users at its peak. I'm one of them. After 20 years I'm a pretty happy and proficient computer user. My spouse occasionally teases me because I still like AOL's all-in-one interface, but I use a broad base of ISP's, software, and devices when I choose.

I'm inclined to think that had AOL not grown as it did, internet/web activity would be only a shadow of what it is today.


@magic cave: porn drove the internet to what it is today, not AOL

AOL just let us see the porn


I haven't received any kind of coupon in probably about 4 months now. I used to receive $5 coupons all the time and come to everyday. Without the $5 coupon for "free shipping" basically, a lot of deals become non-deals. I was going to get my brother one of those bead pillows the other day and when I looked at it was only a few dollars more and had primed shipping. If I had the coupon it would have been a great deal.

I've not only skipped over a lot of woot deals since the coupons stopped flowing but I've also found myself coming to less often than I used to and only clicking through one or two pages of community deals as well.


IDK maybe we all got spoiled. It did IMHO make us feel like we where appriciated for being active and helping drive the feeling of community here. Maybe Wootazon does not need us or the feeling of community any more.
I think what ever brought woot down as often a clinically depressed teen all week has probably been sucking up @Jumbowoots time as well as the defanistration of @inkycats into the untempered void.