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There no hard set rule here, but generally, if the parts alone cost over 50% of its current worth, I really have to think about whether I'm better off with a new one.

Usually, I am better off with a new one.

I used to build (since the XT days!), but for the past decade, it's often cheaper to buy instead of build in the low-to-midrange sector.


I agree with the 50% rule stated above. I hang onto my old computers and cannibalize them, so in this situation my parts cost would be zero. I would, however, think about whether a 4 year old machine has the CPU chops to bother fixing. Your $320 HP with Win8 deal sounds like the way to go here. Odds are you have other pieces (like your hard drive) reaching end of life.


50% sounds reasonable to me as well, though depending on the specific parts I could easily be persuaded to go lower. If you have the extra $320 laying around the new one sounds like the better plan to me.


I don't understand how a network card, power supply, and fan add up to $120+. You should be able to take care of all those issues for much less.


@samstag: It's a HP - the power supply might be a proprietary one.


@narfcake: I didn't realize they were still doing that. In that case I'm surprised those parts don't cost double.