questionslack of response to tattles?


It's the weekend. Not only that, it's a three day weekend. I sometimes see a backup of a few days on things that I've tattled on. I know that they get prioritized (and I know that the truly offensive, or illegal, or blatantly spammy items get attended to first). I think that spelling errors get attended to last (yes, I've begged for typos to be corrected, and I thank everyone who has ever done so).

Sure, it's frustrating, but my guess is that it'll take some time to get attended to. Holler back on Tuesday, if they're still out there.


@shrdlu: Thanks for the reply. I forgot that this just might get lost this weekend, but the tattles I was complaining about were before this weekend got started.


i noticed this last week, evening tattles were put off or something for a long time. mostly spammy stuff. i think it's a slow entire week or something IMO


I have had recent issues with this on my own deals, taking days, even a week to expire them. Recently I have made sure to note why I am tattling on the deal (one day sale, price is not the same anymore, etc.) and that has seemed more effective than just marking it expired.


I share the perception that tattles are taking longer and longer to be addressed. My guess is that it is growing pains. As I noted in the wootbots thread, the total number of "community" deals has been increasing steadily over time, and if @shrdlu is correct (and she probably is), the proportion of postings from vendors is on the rise.

I've noticed, for example, most vendors don't seem to clean up after themselves, and certain vendors seem to post their deals even if a community member has posted it as well. And I perceive an increase in the number of duplicate postings all around.

Add to that the policy of rewarding members for tattling (which I think is a good thing), and you have multiple reasons why tattles should be on the rise. Obviously we don't have any statistics on this, but I shouldn't be surprised if the mods get behind.


@heymo: so who wins when it's user vs vendor? because i saw a deal last night that someone posted, then the vendor posted afterwards. same item, price, website. i tattled on the user's even though it was a little before the vendor's.
does it matter? meaning, does woot look at both and decide something or do they blindly delete whatever looks initially correct?


My gripe about the tattles is that I tattle on deals if the price changes, if it's a duplicate or if I see someone spamming the comments with ads about how they "Accept the Paypal". I tattle on about 3-4 items a day but my tattle meter hasn't moved at all. Everything is (was) capped out for the longest time, but that tattle meter never budged. What gives? Can someone give me a tip for this?


@w00tgurl: The original deal is supposed to win, but there may be exceptions. See @jumbowoot's explanations on

It's also possible that the vendor's posting could be considered more "valuable" if it gave more and better information about the deal. I've never seen any mention of that as a policy, however.

And occasionally, the wrong deal gets tased purely by accident. We're only human, after all. Except for @wootbot. And maybe @girlwootbot.


Three more thoughts:

The mods seem to spend a lot of time editing our tags these says. The letter-that-must-not-be-named gives us some hints as to why tags are likely to be of increased importance. Better rules about tags would help (more on that another day). But this leaves less time for dealing with tattles.

Getting behind puts the mods farther behind. Why? The linger the same infraction remains on the site, the more tattles it will garner. Wading through multiple tattles has got to gum up the works.

At least three-quarters of my tattles are on items with known expiration dates. Note to self: bug @shawnmiller about allowing items to auto-expire and/or allowing users to RIP their own deals.


@heymo: I thought only certain powers handle tattles, where tags and some deletions are tattle free from mods and community mods.


@xarous: yes from what has been posted before, some staff can see tattles, some can't and just freehand it as needed. i forget which does what but it's been mentioned before here.

i've tattled a lot on spammers, AND i've sometimes supplemented my tattles with comments within the deal such as calling out a dupe with the original deal link or pointing at spammers with my ^^^ arrows.
i figure, one of those will get through, especially lately when tattling is taking much longer

@heymo from reading regular ATC staff discussion, i think @faughtey, and from reading their job postings for woot, the tag editing is for SEO optimization. i hate it, but i guess it's what woot wants. generic tags suck.


@xarous: You are correct in your belief about a limited subset of staff having access to Tattles. Nearly all staff are able to edit and alter deals, questions, and comments, and some of them do so far more than others. I could probably list the entire group of people known to have access to Tattles (all of which are sent to dealsmod1, and to jumbowoot, and please note that I have deliberately not invoked either by mention). I know that Faughtey is the go to staff on the weekends, and perhaps at other times as well. Thunderthighs, although often available for assistance after hours, is not deals dot woot staff.

I believe that more staff can mark a deal expired than have access to tattles, but I do not know this; it's merely a belief. I can also say that I have tattled on a question, or a deal, suggesting changes in tags, or additions to them. When a vendor says "Free!" they certainly ought to have used that tag (for example).


@w00tgurl: I have seen you point out spammers via your comments. We've been asked by multiple staff members not to do that, as it only adds to the work load. Tattling on a spammer == good. Commenting that someone is a spammer == bad. In addition, when you address someone with the @ (aka invocation), you add, ever so slightly, to their reputation. It used to add far more than it does now, but someone spilled the beans after I'd pointed it out, and now it matters much less.

[Edit] Just made the five minute window. I wanted to point out that letting the OP know their deal's a dupe, and posting a link to the original, is always a kind thing to do. It's nice to know why your deal disappeared.


@xarous: I just noticed that you mentioned community moderators. If you're referring to the volunteer moderators that have capabilities over on Woot Central, it's been stated over and over that they have no power here. In the early days, a couple of them were even surprised by that (and it makes me very happy, since one or two of them are notably capricious and vengeful in their editing, or so it seemed to me a few years ago, when I noticed it).

[Edit] Before I forget, Gatzby is also not deals dot woot staff.


spammer ^^^^^^ lol

@shrdlu: you've seen it like once or twice from me ever. once this week which is the one you're thinking of. jose what's his face, whose spam comment had a link to some hogan website and who i'd tattled on and had seen for hours still there
there are some now from that have been here for 3 hours. usually on normal weeks, staff takes care of it within minutes when they're on it like a bonnet. this week.....

and yes i invoked that spammer just now. he should be banned or blacklisted, whichever woot does. so his rep shouldn't matter from now on anyway


@w00tgurl: There's a real tradeoff to locking an account (which is the best they can do), since the spammer will simply create a new one. I'd bet anything that close to 80%, perhaps more, of the accounts ever created on Woot are unused within days of their creation. It's just more overhead to manage more accounts, and doesn't help much with the problem. I do know that many sites are blocked after the fact, but as long as the bottom feeders in the registrar world (like GoDaddy and Enom) exist, we're going to continue to see spam from the Chinese counterfeiters out there. Deals dot woot blocks the site, they make a new site, wash, rinse, repeat.

Woot and Deals do not ban or blacklist accounts. Tattling on spammers gets the quickest response. It's most likely to get a response if you post a link to the account, and mention that it's multiple spam comments, or if it's just one, then a link to that comment suffices.

BTW, Staff doesn't always read comments.


@shrdlu: from the thunderthighs thread i posted, she mentions blacklisting "them", either the site or account i don't know which she means. i wish they could do both but i don't know their capability.

my point about commenting AND tattling is that whoever has a staff badge that can delete spam comments or spam deals can either see my tattles or see my comments, whichever gets the job done. if the modder doesn't have access to tattles, then see my helpful comment and delete both if they want. i'm trying to control myself but ... i'm trying to win an Atari dagnabit!! i know there's one in that woot warehouse of theirs with my name on it!

BTW, woot should ban anything from and others like it. i'm sick of being told i need to workout with Insanity


@w00tgurl: Really, please don't comment on spammers. Please. It just adds to the workload. When Thunderthighs speaks of blacklisting, she means the site. To my knowledge, there is no way for Woot (and therefore, Deals dot woot, which shares the same database stored in members dot woot dot com) to delete an account. I believe passwords may be changed to make an account inaccessible to the original creator of it, but if they delete accounts willy-nilly, and that account has activity that they've missed somewhere, then there are going to be errors.

I might not have designed it that way, but there it is. Too late now.

There are some spammers that never ever seem to give up, and others that tire of being deleted, and move on to the next target. If they get ONE response to their spam, to them, it was worth it. In addition, Google loves Deals (evidenced by how quickly comments end up in Google), and they profit that way also. Tattle on spammer good. Comment on spammer bad.


There are some folks dedicating to handling tattles, as well as other things on the deals side. There are folks more geared toward Ask the Community and tagging on there. There is overlap, but for the most part, we've tried to divide up the work by people who know their area best -- I'm not good at recognizing a good/bad deal, for example.

I don't know what deals.wooters schedules are, but it's safe to assume some folks may be enjoying the holiday weekend. =) Hang in there, we still have folks workin'.

I don't believe it hurts you to tattle. There should be some improvements in the pipeline to make tattles easier to process, but I'm not sure what the timeline is on that.


I have been actively tattling on deals and my tattle meter hasn't moved in days.


I get truly mixed results. I've had the same issue as you too, tattling on expired deals, trying to get "mislabeled" deals fixed (eg; "w/ 2 xbox controllers" or "+free shipping") and had them never get fixed. This happens a fair amount.

On the flipside, as I was typing this comment I was browsing Popular deals (short attention span) and I tattled on a spammer - took about 9 seconds to get said spam/spammer taken care of. Along with every other time I put a hit out on a spammer. They usually always take care of it in under a minute, which is saying something too, because I report a lot of spam.

So I guess it balances itself out. I'm guessing it's taken care of in the order of urgency/importance, which I'm sure will vary between mods.


@drchops: That's kind of that two different teams/roles thing again.

I'm part of the community team so I watch comments & AtC. I happened to catch the spam on my perusal of comments and blew them away. Pew pew pew (20 pews actually along with 22 others this a.m.)

I leave the Deal tattles to the Deals team because I could do something that would rob you of those valuable reputation points and we don't want that.


@thunderthighs: That was so funny! I was working on deleting the same one from bottom to top. I refreshed on the next page, and they disappeared. Pew pew pew is US! :)

Edit to add: Where are my manners? Thank you so much for all the helpful assistance! @gatzby, she's a gem, and I hope you appreciate her as much as I do.


@shrdlu: yup, i got it the first time thunderthighs posted her thread, then i got it from you on the jose spammy comment that was deleted already, and then the 100 times in this thread from you. to show how much i appreciate your overenthusiastic 'advice' about not commenting on spammers, i'll exaggeratedly comment on them just for you, my love.
right now you telling me to not comment on spammers is like reading another zippy the pinhead comment on any deal.

there's been more spam since this thread started, my spidey senses tell me. and by spidey senses i mean email.


@w00tgurl: The moderators who have to clean up the mess you leave behind care more than @shrdlu does.


@faughtey: and i care about them more than i care about @shrdlu but she is being super naggy with her 'commenting on spam' campaign and i don't like it!
i think i need to hear it about 200 more times from her in every thread to really get it.

here's a question for you @faughtey, when a deal posted is complete spam or dupey spam and someone comments in the deal by saying it is spam or a dupe, is deleting the whole thread that much harder when there are comments? this is for a posted deal that is spam/dupe, not for one comment within a legit deal.


@w00tgurl: No, comments in general don't make it harder to delete the whole thing.


@thunderthighs: Wow, that's a lotta pewin'...those spammers are getting aggressive. The ones that are startin' to irritate me are those guys that make bunk posts with those links.

Glad that we've got you and @faughtey [ed: and @gatzby] watchin' our backs though (and all the other people not on this thread :D)

We should get together and start a neighborhood watch lol