questionshas anyone used any teeth whitening products that…


Yes. Almost all of them will work to some degree. Rembrandt eats my gums and make my teeth extremely sensitive. I've found between using Colgate's Optic White toothpaste and Listerine's Dissolving strips my teeth look like I've just had them cleaned & polished (just did, as a matter of fact. Great check up!)
The strips work very well, especially if I've been on a red wine & coffee binge. You might care to pop in to your dentist's office for a quick cleaning and then pick up a box of the more professional strength strips.
If you have heavy staining, these really are fantastic to get that really white smile. Use the remaining strips about once every few months. Yes, they are a pretty chunk of change, but you can stretch out one box to last you for over a year. The regular strips you can use about once a week.
However, everyone's teeth are not the same. Some people just have naturally white teeth, so a bit of brightening really makes a difference. YMMV.


I've only noticed a slight difference, but my teeth are fairly white to begin with, I can't seem to get that movie star white at home. I have used the professional dentist grade whiteners as well. I think it's like everything else. It works well for some, but not as well for others.


I have. I've used various whitening strips and they work pretty well as directed. I personally like the seven day trays the best; the other strips are too flimsy and difficult to put on the teeth. I use them about twice a year and I can see a difference. It's not as major as the commercials, but that's advertising.

A lot of them are just advertising though. For instance, you can buy basic toothpaste and baking soda, brush with both and get the same result as expensive toothpaste. Doesn't mean the expensive one doesn't work, just means it's very well marketed.

EDIT: a note on the strips/ trays: they can make your teeth really sensitive. That's why I like the trays. It's once a day instead of twice but for the same length of time.


Crest Whitestrips work very well, even my dentist said they are the best to use.


Has anyone else noticed an increasing number of people drinking coffee with a straw? I'm not talking about a specialty iced drink, I'm talking about hot black coffee. I first started seeing it a few years ago and now it's spread to my local coffee shop. I don't care how much it stains my teeth, I would give it up before I would use a straw.


@ryanwb: I've seen this. I just hope the straw doesn't melt...drinking melted plastic can't be good for you.


@lavikinga: Which Rembrandt product did you use? I used their dissolving strips and they were very gentle for me. I have sensitive teeth and those didn't make my teeth any more sensitive and I did notice my teeth were a little whiter.


@miyoshinum5: I used the tray system. Some of the gel got on my poor gums turning the very edges white as it burned. My dentist said gel trays weren't for me and recommended sticking with the strips.


No, but when you only have one tooth it stands out like it was "Hollywood white". :)


I've used the Crest express strips, i think they were called. Very good..lightened a few shades. Was fast too.


Let's go really cheap: baking soda. Brush with baking soda (get your toothbrush wet and stick it against a little pile of it) for about 2 weeks and you will see an improvement. It's not the best tasting but a whole box is less than $1, and it works!