questionswhich pro sports team is your most hated?


Yankees, period.
Though I don't care for the NBA at all, but that is because their season seems to be about 17 months long normally - and now "shortened" to only 13 months for this season! Screw them and the horses they rode in on.


NFL: The strike didn't last long enough
MLB: NY Mets (2012 World Series: Yankees vs. Cubs, wish there could be two winners.)
NHL: They beat each other up enough
NBA: It's on TNT, is it even a real sport?

NCAA: Ohio State (GO BLUE!!!!!)


NFL: Raiders
MLB: NY Yankees
NHL: NY Rangers
NBA: Couldn't care less


NFL: Patriots/Giants
MLB: Yankees/Cardinals
NHL: It doesn't snow here, don't care.

NCAA: OUSucks, the land thieves, or as they call themselves, the sooners.


@ganzhimself: Just because they don't get paid over the table doesn't make NCAA a pro sport, at least not in football.


NHL: Penguins. (I can't think of another team that has been rewarded more for years of sucking.)

NFL: Don't care. I'll cheer for the Packers but don't hate any of the other teams.

All other team sports: I'd have to watch them to form any sort of opinion.


NFL: Patriots
NBA: All of them
MLB: Yankees
NHL: Don't watch


NHL - Avalanche. Scum buckets.


NFL: The entier NFC North, outside Green Bay. Then, in no particular order: Indianapolis Colts, New York Giants, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.
NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins
MLB: Chicago Cubs
NBA: All of them
MLS: That's still around?
WNBA: See Above

Of course, I know, it's not pro, but, my absolute, most hated team:
NCAA: Minnesota Golden Gophers


NHL - Red Wings
NFL - I don't even like football, but I'm from Texas so...Redskins.
NBA - don't care
MLB - don't care
MLS - Chicago Fire


NFL- Ravens and Steelers, I live in Cleveland.
MLB- Yankees, but i don't really care that much.


NFL - Ravens, with the Patriots in a very close 2nd place
NHL - Flyers
MLB - Haven't cared about baseball since I was a kid.
NBA - Never cared about basketball.


Any team, any sport from New York. City, State, County, Burroughs, whatever.


@durkzilla: I have to join you on that, what were they thinking? Francona was an outstanding manager, respected throughout baseball regardless of anyone's feelings about the Red Sox.


I believe the Cowboys and the Yankees are the most hated teams in all of American sports. People will watch them on television hoping to see them lose....


Yankees, no question. I don't like basketball at all, but I still hate the Yankees more than all of basketball.


@meh3884: Being from Boston, we're used to this.

I have to admit that after last year's shameful events at Fenway I'm now on the Red Sox haters bandwagon. They sucked and showed their loyal fans just how much contempt they had for us by mailing it in during a pennant race, tossing the best manager the team ever had under the bus in the process.

Most hated teams:

NFL - Pittsburgh Steelers
MLB - NY Yankees
NHL - Montreal Canadiens/Vancouver Canucks (tie)
NBA - Miami Heat, but honestly, the whole league is a joke now.


I'm not an NBA team why you hatin'? :P. Haha, I actually feel the exact same way about NBA.

NFL - Patriots
MLB - Red Sox
NHL - Bruins/Penguins (actually, in this case I hate the Penguins much more than the Bruins)

are you noticing a your predictable pattern? I do love me some Sam Adams, though :)