questionsstarting to shop: netbook or a 10 inch tablet…


Any reason you are looking to purchase another tablet (bigger screen, faster, etc)?

When I owned a tablet I couldn't stand not having a physical keyboard so went back to a laptop. I suppose if I had purchased a bluetooth keyboard it would have been better but I never did.

If you are comfortable with a netbook, might as well get another one of those since you already have a tablet you like.

Otherwise, I've heard great things about the Nexus 7 or 10 which fit right in to your budget.


I like netbooks quite a lot. I have 2 and each gets more use than any of my several desktops by far. If you need a keyboard for lots of typing, or need to use windows compatible software, consider a netbook running win 7, or even an old one running win XP.

For 1 writer's perspective, see this article:

I bought 1 of mine off Craigslist and 1 from Ebay. Both were fine, but get assistance if you don't know how to buy a used laptop and be OK withehat you get.

That said, I use my Android phone far more than either. Also have two tablets: a Kindle Fire and an older android tablet. Both are fine, but I seem to only use them for watching video, and then rarely and may pass both to others. I use the Galaxy S3 for almost all my internet activity.

Re netbooks: Another place to shop would be the Dell Outlet Store, if you want a known vendor.


@hackman2007: Larger screen than what I have mostly, I also am trying to get into digital art and i have heard that the larger tablets can be good for that


For a few weeks, I took my tablet (Acer A500, 10 inch) to school to try to take notes with it, but I hated it. As far as productivity goes, tablets just aren't as useful as netbooks.

If you carry around a keyboard with your 10 inch tablet, it could take quite a bit of battery power for your tablet to power it. Also, unless you have a Wifi printer with an Android app for it, you'll ultimately have to transfer documents to an "actual" computer in order to print any documents.

I'm using a Nexus 7 right now. It's considerably better than my A500, but it still doesn't pack the functionality to do "real" work on it - and not just because it's a 7 inch tablet.

If you're looking for a tablet, you might want to look at the Nexus 10. Since it's developed by Google, it will have the latest Android versions and will be running Android the way it was meant to be run. If you're looking for a laptop, you might want to consider a Chromebook (assuming you always have Wifi).


I'm in a similar boat. I MUST have a keyboard and I'll be damned if I lug around a 15.4" beast with 2hrs of battery life. lol

Honestly, most companies haven't put much effort into the netbook design. Not many options out there that are better than your Acer Aspire One. Very similar is the Asus Eee. But I doubt you want something that's basically exactly the same as what you already have. One I have been looking at though is the Google Chromebook. The fact it doesn't run Windows is holding me back though. There are apps that allow you to control your home Windows computer with your Chromebook on the go, but honestly that's far from a permanent solution IMO.


Here an ultrabook with excellent reviews, so I hear. See if you can find a deal on one, if you like the specs:$599.99/

Every Lenovo I've used has been top of its category so far.


anyone have experience with the Samsung Galaxy note 10? the ones at Costco, it has a potentionaly useful for me handwriting to text entry. sad to say I still like the feel of writing by hand