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Why do you feel that it's OK to curse in front of your kids but not in front of other children? Maybe your mom was right here.......


Yes, I do try to mind my language around children. You have, however, touched on a coarsening of our culture that is alarming. I am guilty of adopting many four letter words as part of my regular everyday dialog with adults. My parents used these words rarely whereas most everyone I know uses them routinely, myself included. Many people use these terms in front of their children and I cringe, but they seem oblivious to it. I honestly don't know if this behavior is truly harmful or evil, but I know it has become acceptable in the most recent generations.


Actually it is unnecessary. I VERY rarely use any language that is not fit for children's ears and find that when people do use that type of language regularly it loses its force. If you use a 4-letter word once a year, people will take heed. If you use it every other sentence, it means nothing.

I also equate the over use of profanity with ignorance.


My parents swore a lot or used other "ugly" language
and I hated it, so I've never used those sorts of words. Only way I could rebel in my house and it drove my parents crazy. :)


I try and watch my language around everyone young and old as a sign of respect.


Yes. I seldom say something really nasty, but even though my kids are adults (well, at least the youngest is 25 and the oldest turning 32) I still watch it. Just the way it is.


I did my best to stop using anything deemed vulgar years ago -- not because I had children but because it just seems so unattractive. However, sometimes letting a cuss word slip is so good for the soul. I do my best not to let them slip around my children (or any children for that matter) or anyone other than my wife and close friends. I must be doing well because I've noticed myself cringing at the sound of the words when I hear others say them.


The only time I ever curse is when I'm with my friends. I have never cursed in front of family, co-workers or children. I was raised to always keep a certain level of manners when in company of elders or children. I was raised in a home where image was everything and I guess it has stuck with me as much as I try to fight it.


It's completely pointless to watch your vocabulary around children if they interact with other children at all. When my son came home from kindergarten one day and was talking about how all the kids went behind the school and played in the effing trees the whole recess I realized there's no point in sheltering them from it. This was at a K-6 school so it wasn't like there was a bunch of teenagers running around teaching everyone bad words. I also do a lot of volunteer work at my son's middle school grades 6-8 and some of the language I hear would make a sailor blanch.


Absolutely! Children learn by listening and observing. If they hear bad language, they will most definitely repeat it, especially if it's spoken by those whom they love, respect, and/or admire.


absolutely. I've also asked others in public places to knock it off. If I'm sitting at a booth with my young kids at a place like Chili's and someone at the booth next to me is cussing loud enough that we can hear it at our table, I'll speak up. If they have a problem with that, I'll ask the manager to take care of it. If they want a problem after that, I'll be happy to meet them in the parking lot after our meal.

As for me cussing around my own kids, it happens from time to time, and I know they've heard the f-word and a few others from other sources, and they are aware of what will happen if THEY use them. They are also aware of the fact that there are times and places where some language is appropriate and other situations where it isn't. Lying or cussing earns them a mouthful of ivory bar soap, and the 8 yr old has only had that happen twice.

I used to cuss way too much, but lately "mother FLUBBER" seems to work just as well around the house.


Have always watched what I've said. Children do learn by example.


Ditto what the OP said, I try but it's easier to watch ones mouth around other people as apposed to ones immediate family.


The best thing any parent can be for their child is an example. That applies not only to language, but to all aspects of life.

I try to watch my language in front everyone, but especially in front of women and children. It bothers me when I hear people talking and every other word is f-this and f'ing-that.


We try to be careful of any bad words or talking about subjects around our four year old and younger child that we do not want them to pick-up on.

We spell out parts of our discussion if there are bad words in it, or even if talking about special plans to surprise our children.

I'm around a lot of bad language at work and it's hard not to bring it home sometimes. In the beginning I spelled out many cuss words when talking to my wife around our children about my day.

The thing is, it actually helped me stop cussing at home and I used the words less at work also. I actually was talking to a colleague and spelled out a cuss word during the conversation...we both laughed as he understood immediately since he has children of his own.


Absolutely yes, I mind my language and avoid adult conversation/potentially upsetting topics, which may include deaths, divorces, illness, etc.


I adjust my language according to my surroundings, so I definitely avoid the Big Bad Words (and Topics) when I am aware children are around. But I love to swear and I swear liberally when I am in environments that free me to do so.

There is a great amount of fun--even a sort of beauty--to swearing well and thoroughly and at the right moment. A perfectly timed "oh, Wedit you" can relay as much of a loving, sweet, powerful message as any commonly parroted "I love you." It's all in the nuance and delivery.

I cede my explanation on why I have no problems with swearing, in the right environments, to the extremely clever and lovely Stephen Fry:


I think it's silly that people are offended by certain words.They're just words, after all. I feel society needs to move away from the childish practice of making certain words taboo. The only reason people don't curse around children is they don't want them to repeat it because it would be "embarrassing". Who cares what other people think? Isn't it their problem if they're offended by certain words? It's not the word that is offensive, it's the connotation. For example, if I'm angry at you and tell you to "Go sex yourself!" that has the same connotation as using the 'F' word. Be offended by the context of the use, not the word itself.
I plan on teaching my kid that they just words, but you should be nice to people regardless of what words you use. If everyone else follows suit and raises their kids to not think certain words are "evill", curse words will lose their power and become a thing of the past. Don't celebrate the words and don't make them taboo. They're just words.


I don't censor myself, ever. I just act appropriate for the situation. Censoring implies I'm changing who I am because of the sensitivities of others, which is not something I do.


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@bsmith1: This is EXACTLY how I feel. I guess "curse words" are just one of those silly things that we'll just keep passing along even though it doesn't really make sense. Kind of like saying "bless you" after someone sneezes.


Hell NO I don't. Its better than beating the Hellout of them Too!!
I respect others children, but I always advise anyone that comes to my home that I say what ever the hell I wanna say in my HOUSE if you don't like my vocabulary around you then you sure as Hell better not leave your Kids!


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