questionscan you give me some advice on earbuds?


I really like the Skullcandy Ink'd series of earbuds. They're really comfortable, have a really good range for earbuds, and have a lifetime warranty. If you have any problem with the earbuds, you can send them to skullcandy and they will replace them at no charge to you. They sell for anywhere between $10-15, depending if you can get them on sale (check your local FYE, you can usually find a good deal there).


I hate them. Won't stay in my ears if I do anything besides sit still. I've got some that a clip holds against my ears (older style) that work well. Once they die I'll look for the clips that go behind the ears and hold earbuds to try.


@mtm2: thats why I'm looking for ones that have the little rubber bits. With the right size, they stay in perfectly. Were you talking about Skullcandy headphones or a different brand?


I've only had success with SkullCandy when using the rubber tips from Razer to plug them in to my head. If you're going to just be walking around or using them at your computer, I fulled recommend Razer. They stand up to exercise okay, but I'm sure there's something better. (I haven't found it yet.)

Koss, to overgeneralized, has been fairly tinny and likes the high end a lot, for me.

I've heard good things about Shure, but have never owned them.

You might take some time to figure out if you want a band that goes behind the head, a cord that loops over the ears, the typically Y-shaped cord, or an asymmetrical one. There are minor differences, but personal preference can drive you nuts here.


@thedogma: What's your price range?
Whatever you do, stay away from SkullCandy.


I would go with Sennheiser if they fit your budget, check out the CX300-II's ( Also, my friend has a pair of Sures (not sure the model number) that sound nice and have like 10 different tips made out of different materials and stuff so you're sure to find one that fits your head.


@stryker4526: Ideally I'd like to stay under $30, they're just earbuds. I do need a nice pair of over the ear headphones for recording, but I'm not ready to get those just get.

@jrothegeek: Those do look nice. I know Sennheiser makes good stuff. Honestly can't see myself springing $80 for earbuds though. Perhaps I'm being naive, but I feel they should be a relatively low cost.

Out of curiosity, for those who say to avoid Skullcandy, why? I've heard of some of the lower end ones breaking easily, but I feel that would happen with any cheap pair of headphones. I've got an old set of Skullcandy over the ear collapsible ones that still work and had pretty decent sound. What's so bad about the company?


I have a cheaper pair of Altec-Lansing that ROCK, but the cable noise sucks. $20.

I have a fairly expensive pair of Shures that I can't get to stay in my ears for anything! Cant tell you how they sound, they never stay in long enough to listen. $99 (Will sell, $50, with case and all the extras I can find)

Have a pair of Maximo iMetals, can't wear them in the winter, they're COLD! $20.

I keep going back to the noisy Altec-Lansings.. If you can keep the cable noise down, they're great.

Friend had a pair of V-modas, broke, replaced and broke again. I'd avoid them.


@geomez: Definitely good words.

On that note, unemployment sucks.



Personally, I'm not willing to spend over $100 on earbuds, especially when I know they will break in a few months, and the person recommending them thinks vinyl is the best medium. I still have some vinyl. Trust me, the reasons we went to digital were many and not just because of how much longer the mediums would last. Frequently, there were sound distortions in vinyl, and as stated in the article, pops and cracks as the music played.

I'll stay with my inexpensive earbuds, and let him pay through the nose for the rest.