questionswhy are most women's halloween costumes "sexy…


MOST women's costumes aren't like that. Think about your personal experiences rather than what you see in the window display... Were MOST really that sexy? If so, that is awesome- please invite me to your party. If not, then it's just window displays tend to be the sexier outfits. Even if that's not what people are going to buy. Additionally, we tend to notice and remember them better than the non-sexy alternatives... So there in some unintended bias there.

Then again most people I know don't buy store bought crappy costumes... So my knowledge may be skewed.


Do you mean most actual costumes or all the costumes posted on woot?


@banai: I don't mean the ones on deals.woot from ocheri. That's a lingerie site, of course they're sexy - that's the idea.

My wife and I are going to a couples themed Halloween party and have been looking around for a few weeks for a good set of costumes. After looking on various websites it seemed that most of the women's costumes were skimpy or sexy this or sexy that. Granted, we are both late 20s/early 30s and she is quite fit, so it isn't a matter of her not looking good in whatever costume. It's just that most were geared towards (younger or single?) women who wanted to flaunt what they got.

The same held true when we went to Target and Party City.

Sure, we could spend more money of something cool like nice period costumes, but why blow all that money? So we are going to be creative and make our costumes. Hopefully they will turn out well and we wont look like turds.


Halloween is when most people buy costumes. (The others are buying costumes for role playing and the need for sexy is obvious.)

Halloween is also the original Opposite Day (eg. the real ghosts and goblins, etc. take day off while the humans dress up like bad things... while this is only one such view (very Buffy-esque), it still represents the "flavor" of the holiday).

In the US anyway, sexuality is repressed (less so than it used to be, but we still seem to think that sex is bad, at least where children are concerned, though it would appear that people are finally realizing that sex isn't worse than violence).

So, what is the opposite of repressed sexuality?


@baqui63: I wasn't really going that route. I don't think sex is bad and i certainly would rather children be exposed to positive representations of sexual love than all the violence that pervades the American entertainment industry. I don't care if women or men want to dress provocatively either.

I guess it's more of a "really? is that the best you can do?" thing for me. I realize that companies will make the costumes they know will sell. But why doesn't the customer want something with more imagination, creativity, etc. than just going with "sexy pirate?"

Dude, scurvy ain't hot.

Perhaps I was overthinking it a bit there.


It's not necessarily that the costume is sexy, it's how the manufacturers choose to model them. This item, for example, is knee length, practically prudish:

Halloween gives people the opportunity to be someone they're not, and that includes being in-your-face sexy when you may be a very quiet, prim person the other 364 days a year.


Perhaps I worded the question poorly. Maybe be I should have asked why people would choose those costumes so much.

I think we can all agree that it is socially acceptable for a woman to dress sexy pretty much all year. Be it a dance, fancy dinner or night on the town, if a woman is getting dressed up, there is going to be a good bit of skin/curves showing. And this is great. I'm not a prude or someone with puritan ideals. But is you can be sexy all the time, why waste the one day of the year you can be anything by being sexy again? It's like having a personal chef for a day and having him make you PB & J. Its awesome, yes. But it is wasting the opportunity to do something different and so much better

@ocheri your example of the prim person is an obvious exception. But isn't a "pinup" sexy by definition?

I think my question just sucks. Can I downvote myself?


@scarabkafer: I think you hit the nail on the head with your dance/fancy party reference. Halloween=party=dress sexy. Girls aren't going to wear their sweatpants with a paper bag over their head to a Halloween party, they want to dress up cute (sexy) and stand out from the crowd.

Btw, I think "Scurvy Ain't Sexy" would be a great slogan for the orange growers of America :)



Hey. I wasn't taking it that you think sex is bad, etc., merely that if people think it is, and that Halloween is a day to be the opposite of what you normally are (or are expected to be), then that might explain it.

However, I think OhCheri's logic is simpler and makes more sense:

Party ==> Sexy Dressing up
Halloween Party ==> Costume Party


Halloween Costume ==> Sexy Dress up


most women want to look sexy, no matter what the occasion or dress. Guys don't care as much about looking sexy.