questionsnon-dairy coffee creamer - contains milk?


@sadsephiroth: Thanks, when I googled it before I didn't see anything worthwhile...guess I should have tried again. I'm going to see if I can try the two alternatives at the bottom of the article, or just use soy milk.


Try almond milk. It's a little denser than soy milk and doesn't have phytestrogens.


Ditto @minkeygirl. The different flavors of almond milk make it a broader alternative. Funny that you asked this question; I'm 6 days vegan and just checked the creamer in the fridge, saw the casein and drank it black.


It's because the FDA doesn't regulate words like non and free. For instance lactose free milk contains a derivative of lactose. I have a soy and dairy allergy so I learned the hard way. Also anything that contains "natural flavors" is derived of milk, soy, and or wheat proteins.


@minkeygirl7: @mrsbeny: Thanks so much. I'll give the almond milk a try. Plan on going vegan soon also.


@anyssa31: Thanks for the tip. That's probably why I was still having problems when I drank Lact-Aid milk. I'm really thinking that the FDA is owned by the big food and drug interests and doesn't really have the people's best interest in mind. A natural raw-foods diet is looking better all the time.


Hey no problem it's tough I know. There are some enzymes that help with digesting milk products not sure if you want to go that route. They do help especially when I'm dying for some cream cheese. :)


@mrsbeny: But that sweet, sweet, slow absorbing protein!!


Yeah I sit across from a 7th level vegan at work. He doesn't eat anything with "sugar" either because of bone char

So I get to hear about allllllll sorts of sneaky food that says it doesn't have dairy but actually does.


@anyssa31: I love cream cheese too, what enzymes are you talking about and where do get them? Thanks!


@spacezorro: Wow, that was an interesting article. I'd never suspect that there were animal products in refined sugar. I think I'll stick with Stevia, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's something wrong with that too.


@grush1: Frank gives me lots of propaganda explaining how I am a so very bad mean guy for eating animals.

Some things that are bad:
1. Soap - most public bathroom soap is made with sodium tallowate which is rendered beef fat (frank does not wash his hands post-restroom)
2. Hygene products - most are made from or tested on animals (shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste...)
3. your shoes are most likely made with animal glue
4. your fake leather probably has real leather powder in it
5. anything that says "natural flavors" as an ingredient is probably an animal/dairy
6. red wine - uses animal blood as a "clarifier"

and so on...


oh yeah... tattoos are also non-vegan unless you jump through major hoops getting vegan inks.


@spacezorro: Thanks, I didn't know all that. Animal blood in wine? What a crazy world we live in. I haven't tried googling it yet, but do you or anyone else know a website that lists all the products made with or tested on animals?


@grush1: Well I personally think animals are delicious and nutritious and I eat them all the time. The only reason I know all this stuff is that I sit across from an preachy ocd zealot vegan.

I will ask him what websites he uses... he has been a vegan for 30 years (since he was 16) so it may just be 30 years of knowledge.

Fun fact: cheese is made with rennet which is sourced from calf stomachs (a process they do not survive). Vegetarian rennet does exist but nobody uses it because of the cost unless the cheese says "vegetarian".


@grush1: Being vegan is hard.

Frank told me all these are unsafe...
1. Old Pictures/Camera Film (Gelatin)
2. Most Beer (Gelatin, Isinglass)
3. Jelly Beans and other glossy candy (Beeswax, Shellac)
4. Splenda (Tested on animals)
5. I can't believe it's not Butter (Buttermilk)
6. Breakfast Cereal (B12, Monoglycerides, Refined Sugar)
7. Automobile Transmission/Brake Fluid (Glycerol)
8. Anything with Vitamin D3 (D3 is always animal sourced)
9. Crayons (Tallow)

Pieces of animals are everywhere apparently.