questionshow do you feel about today's shirt at shirt.woot?


What child HASN'T had it drilled into them since the 70s that Halloween candy ALWAYS had to be inspected because there might be a crazed lunatic out there putting razor blades in apples and sprinkling awfully psychotropic powder on popcorn balls?
There have been only an extremely few, rare cases of candy tampering and those weren't all stranger-related cases either. Halloween candy tampering has achieved Myth status.
Odd shirt, but it made me laugh and agree that it DOES go hand in hand with Trick or Treating, along with not tripping on your costume, being seen by cars, scoring a KINGSIZED bar of candy rather than a rock and wondering if you'll find your jack-o-lantern splattered in the street in the morning.


As far as being a cool, wearable shirt....I think it's pretty terrible, like most of the designs they've printed in the last few months.


Not sure why it would be seen as over the top. But, then again, I was brought up with my parents checking all my candy for pins and razors. I wouldn't wear it though. And, I agree with @dmaz that many designs lately aren't very wearable. Maybe cute as a mini-poster, or a coffee mug... not as a shirt. But, that's me :-)


I think it's funny. But I think it's better as a ToT bag than a shirt, and they are offering it as a ToT bag! Thinking about buying one.


personally, i don't feel think it's all that bad...i actually found it a little funny (i mean, staple in a candy corn?). i can see why people are reacting badly to it. i find it interesting at the number of comments on the shirt, including those from wooters who are generally pretty quiet on the forums.

i remember my parents sorting through my candy when i was a kid. anything that was unwrapped or unidentifiable went straight into the trash. besides, i think my parents ate more of my halloween candy than i did lol


I think it's cool that it glows in the dark personally. Also agree with it being cool for a tote -- use that as your candy bag instead!
Yes, it was drilled into me as a child as well...parents had to inspect candy -- it's "normal".


It's a dumb shirt that isn't especially well designed or clever, and I imagine anyone wearing it would have to explain it. But I'm not offended by it in the least. If bloody zombies, vampires and mummies are fair game on Halloween stuff it's hard to imagine anyone getting the vapors over a razor blade and some tacks.


@haxrox posted that the shirt would have been funnier if the items inside the candy had been super-absurd, more along the lines of the tooth inside in the lollipop (that one I find funny); I think that would have been great.

As for the shirt that actually printed, I'm neither offended nor enthralled by it. Although most of the "objects in candy" reports turned out to be hoaxes in the end, for parents like @thunderthighs who lived through the stress of those years, I absolutely understand their reaction to the shirt.

So far, people seem to be disagreeing about whether the shirt is in bad taste or not, without slinging personal invective, and it's kinda nice to see a five page discussion thread on a shirt with back-and-forth between people with different opinions.


I think it's cool. Does anyone give out treats anymore that aren't pre-packaged?


Drilled into them since the 70's??? I was trick or treating in the 60's and believe me, you weren't allowed to eat anything until mom checked it.