questionsplasma or lcd? which is better?


I think the decision is often size-based. Like, under 50 inches LCD is your best price bet, but over 50 inches, it's plasma.

There's a lot of talk about 'best contrast' vs. 'best color' but I bet we're in tech levels that the average human can't discern.


Second that. Anything under 50 or so inches look at LCD, else Plasma. We have a Panasonic 50 inch plasma and its great


you can't look at just size or price when comparing lcd vs plasma

-plasma uses more power
-when plasma goes, the whole row of pixels goes
-those warranties for yrs 2-5 cost more for plasma, a LOT more
-plasma tends to fail sooner than lcd

-plasma has a nicer picture


Plasma tv's have a better picture, better blacks and sharpness. Also plasma can be viewed off axis with no loss of picture quality. Compare in a reputable showroom. I did.


This article will tell you everything you'd ever want to know:

I'm surprised that most "experts" are of the opinion that the traditional CRT can deliver a better picture than plasma or LCD screens.


In my mind and experience if you're looking for an every day tv or a tv in a normal viewing area then get the lcd, if you have a dark area or a dedicated room get the plasma. Plasma's give better darks and refresh in general. LCD's are viewable in full sun.