questionswhere can i find a truly ugly christmas sweater?


I was the same search a couple of years ago and found a great selection at Goodwill stores. If you don't have any close you to then simply search for second hand clothing stores. I am sure that you will find some of the ugliest (best) christmas sweaters!


find truly ugly over-the-top fun ugly christmas sweaters at the online store for 'My Ugly Christmas Sweater' Lights, 3D, 80's Vintage - you can also ck out their youtube that shows a lot of their sweaters in action:


I'll ask my aunt. She seems to have hit the motherload

@allthingsxmas: Thanks for joining deals.woot. Your contribution thus far is golden. I can't stop laughing


Just wait and grab shirt.woot's Ugly Winter Sweater shirt. Here are 2010's, 2008's, and 2007's.


Goodwill and thrift shops.


Ebay has worked well for me in the past if I wait too long and Goodwill is dry. If you have funds usually the Elder Bearman, Carson Pirie Scott, and other offbeat department stores have sweaters with lights for ~$30. Nothing draws attention to an ugly sweater like blinking lights.


ask grammy... she always knows where they are ;)


my husband's closet....what size do you want???


@theoneill555: I hope THIS year Shirt.Woot will get off the toboggan run and ship holiday shirts so they arrive in time to wear during this season. The Latkes shirt barely made it in time to wear during Hanukkah last year, and I'm pretty sure the traditional ugly Christmas shirt showed up for sale on December 23rd. WAY too late.

In the meantime, I've found my Krampus shirt and I'm ready for the holiday mad rush to begin.


as mentioned above, goodwill usually is a great source for out of style clothing. Naturally a lot of this depends on the area you live as well.


Make your shopping easy -- Check out the selection of ugly Christmas sweaters at this sweater eShop: . You'll find lots of options (many with add-ons you won't find anywhere else) that will fit your budget. Happy Ugly Holidays
The Ugly Sweater Gal


@uglysweatergal: Why don't you post a deal over on the deals side??

Same goes for the MyUglyChristmasSweater people as well.



Those are truly horrible sweaters. Well done.


Goodwill. It's golden for this kind of stuff.


borrow one from Leslie Hall:


Wow, I was not expecting this big of a response! Thank you Woot Community! I'm going to check out Good Will first and will post a picture of whatever monstrosity I get


Try my wife's website.. she has over 3,000 different Ugly Christmas sweaters, plus a ton of vintage 80s christmas sweatshirts. You can search by size, type (vest, sweater, sweatshirt) and by keyword: reindeer, snowmen, dogs, cats, etc..

have fun:

If you don't find it there, try her friends at:

Have fun!



if you are looking to win this year's gift card prize, try combining the ugly sweater with some other off the wall items. the guy who won one year at my work wore a very tight ugly brown winter-pattern sweater with thick red suspenders, and tight highwater pants. he looked like a dork but he won a loaded gift card to some local place and made everyone laugh because of his boldness

vote-for1vote-against !!! I mean with a name like butt ugly, what would you expect to find there?

U G L Y !!!



Why not just make your own? Not only can you make it as ugly as you want, but it will almost certainly be deformed to boot!