questionshas anyone else received a coupon on their woot…


Nope. Or any other coupons in a LONG time. What is a coupon? lol


I've never received a $5 coupon for "cake day" and I don't expect one. Of course, I've only been here 7 years. Maybe on my 10th anniversary someone from one of the Woot sites will send an email to me without trying to sell me something.


Nope, and I'm doubly certain that I won't, because my cake day is also really my cake day.


I have heard of it, but I have never received one.


Alas, with the growth in our wine.woot customer base, it was becoming to hard to maintain the program. Sorry.


@thunderthighs: Thanks for a response, it's always nice to hear something from the staff when a concern comes up, even if it's something we don't like hearing.


I did before Amazon bought woot, not so much after. Of course it has been awhile since my last cake day.


I never have and apparently never will.


@thunderthighs: Thanks for the answer. I guess the coupons won't be coming back, but I do miss them. I know they weren't huge, but the fear of letting one expire always prompted me to buy something, then once I had unlocked free shipping, I bought way too much. Ah, well. I do appreciate your prompt response.


never did and i guess never will.


@thunderthighs: Any word on jumbowoot coupons? Even for just the top 100 deals.wooters? Not to sound greedy or anything, but hey, it's like free shipping.


I never got one either, I was looking forward to it but hey:


@thunderthighs: Nice so the Amazon thing had nothing to do with it, it is the lushes stock piling coupons to get their drink on.


@thunderthighs: sorry, but that is really not a good excuse. You rewards good customers for their loyalty and repeat business.


@mkentosh: I would have been a new wine customer.


OMG, coupon offers come and go. It was nice while it lasted, but it happens, no time for whining, get over it.