questionsfont challenge: need a and e - same width; m and…


Head here:
Check "Sans Serif" and then type in AEMW into the input box and click "view". Not seeing one that fits both those criteria immediately, but the Cronos family seems worth a look. Possibly Futura.


I have used this before and it works pretty good. Just upload a picture of your font and it will find it for you.

May not be exactly what you're looking for, but it may be a start.


I know that the Courier fonts are designed so each letter is the same width. It is the font I use when breaking up CSV data dumps in to columns in Excel.


Try a font called "Chalet London 1970" -


verve std. i also agree with futura, but you need to use capitals to have W/M mirrored


A font thread with no mention of by ?!?


@joemertens: Thanks. I do ONLY need them mirrored in capital.

Thank you guys!