questionssorry, this question is for deals.woot staff…


I can't find a SINGLE duplicate. Maybe staff are gelato people...


@catbertthegreat: it was a press release about the upcoming free scoop day. Is that not allowed? It's legitimate.


@hkpoohster: Press release? I think coupons and such are okay. It may have been where it was posted from. I'm sure that @jumbowoot or @prettywootprincess would have the answer. Please be sure to post the link that you'd had in a comment. I suspect they'll arrive presently.


@cassandratroy: it was a press release issued by Haagen Daz published on the Triangle Business Journal:

there were a couple of votes on it and poof, gone. I've seen postings of Yahoo articles for freebies, so why wouldn't a post for the press release be okay?


@hkpoohster: As was mentioned, we hope that @jumbowoot or @prettywootprincess (or even @thunderthighs) shows up, and explains. You may not see an explanation until tomorrow. I was one of the votes on that, by the way. Ice cream is good.


@glindagw: yes... okay, I'm red-faced. I did a search on "Haagen Daz" before I posted, but that post didn't come up since that post had Haagen Daz spelled incorrectly (that post has the spelling, "Haagan"), so I went ahead and posted the deal. Thanks for finding the original deal; that explains the disappearance of my post.


@hkpoohster: It's ALL spelled incorrectly. It's Haagen-Dazs. There's an 's' at the end. :)