questionsdo micro sd cards ever go on sale?


All the time but not usually for less than $1 per Gb. if you see for less read reviews to make sure htey work then grab if you can.


YES. All the time. Keep your eyes open. OR you can head over to,,, or where you can bag one for a decent price. Sign up for the daily newegg and emails as there is often one on-sale included in these just about every day.


If it is much more than $1/GB including shipping (which is almost nothing for a micro SD) then it is too much.

Every once in a while there are deals with much lower prices but be careful as counterfeit items are more common when the proce gets lower.

Also, you don't mention your application exactly, but don't automatically assume that a faster card will be faster for your application. For example, class 4 cards will frequently outperform class 10 cards as boot media for an Android device. (This has to do with the large block vs small block speeds.)


They're already a little more than $1/GB and when they're on sale, it gets closer to $1/GB and rarely under that. Not sure it's worth it to wait for one.


@baqui63: My problem is when I record HD video on my Cm7 Android phone it gets jumpy. I was hoping class 6 would resolve the issue. Can't have the precious moments that I record of the kids be ruined by choppy recording.


They do, but woot hasn't had many up in a while. They used to show up a lot more if I remember right. They're just not horribly expensive from the start really... unless you're getting a really large one for mp3s or something. Or perhaps extremely HD photography.


They're on deals.woot ALL THE TIME. At least one a day. Sometimes only a 8GB, but I've seen 32GB posted up many times.

And while we're on the subject:,3011.html
Interesting article that was just released today.