questionshow disgusted were you with the mtv vmas?


I agree.
I too have a wife, and I get to watch the weirdest mushroom media.
ANYway, last year was interesting. Funny. Relevant.
I think this year they let the advertisers kids have a heavy hand.
The celebs are mostly worker bees. "Stand here, look there, say this, smile!"
If you have bad management, then you have bad product.
Don't blame the workers. The hammer didn't hit your thumb by itself.


You act as if they have been good in the past 10 years.


I don't like any of today's popular music or popular celebrities...

Come to think of it, I've never wondered why they are popular until just now, what is wrong with this earth?


@wickedd365: Theyve been better than they were this year.

@zarfus: Ive been asking the same thing. This youths generation is going to be whacked out.


Not at all, because I didn't watch it, nor do I have any idea what happened on it.


Why do they even bother with VMAs on MTV, when MTV plays no music anyways? They should just be done with it and replace it with reality TV awards, since that is all they have on their network now.