questionsdoes your wife want you to buy her flowers on…


Nope. Mine doesn't want anything. We have an anniversary around then, so we skip the pomp and circumstance of V-day and have a day to ourselves.

Silly, made up holiday, anyway.


My wife SAYS she doesn't want or need flowers/gifts on Valentines Day... but after 20 years of a happy marriage, I'm not willing to find out if that is true! For most women... buy SOMETHING... it is cheap insurance to stay out of the doghouse... for a little while at least... ;-)


My husband has never given me flowers-- generally if I am getting a gift I prefer something that will get some use, versus just watching them wilt in a vase. I'd still enjoy getting them, but I'd feel bad because it's money that could be spent on something else.

He HAS surprised me with a jar of Biscoff Spread, not on V-day, just a random day (I had been dying to try it). He actually stopped at the store on the way home from work, bought two of them, surprised me with one when he walked in the door, and hid the other. I playfully whined when the first was all gone after a week (that stuff is delicious and addictive), and suddenly, he walked to the other room, and surprised me again with the second jar. That was oddly romantic and thoughtful to me, and couldn't be replicated with flowers.


@jezebelseven: Great point! Random acts of love throughout the year carry much more weight than conforming with the masses on V-Day...


My husband will randomly (for no particular occasion) buy flowers from the grocery store and I love getting those but would never pay florist prices for Valentine's Day flowers.


As a wife I could care less about flowers. They cost way to much! Id rather the money be spent on a new videogame for the PS3, 3DS or Xbox. Id also be okay with some new Blu-Rays!

I just told my husband the other day that if he's thinking of upgrading my wedding ring that he should consider upgrading our Tv instead. I'm not big on girly material possessions. Way to Nerdy to be that way :-p


@ohcheri: I bet your Husband would be in deep trouble if he brought you home lingerie for V-Day! LOL! Love ya Cheri!


She would appreciate it, but would prefer Le Creuset


@mommyleah: Like the line from Scarface...don't get high on your own supply...


I've never been much of a fan of cut flowers. I'd much rather receive a live plant instead. My husband knows what I prefer and he also knows that I think that Valentine's Day is a bunch of marketing hogwash to force consumers to buy junk unnecessarily. Really have a need to get me flowers? Get a dozen on Feb 15. Don't play that "flowers and dinner are more expensive on Valentine's or Mother's Day" game.


@mommyleah: I'm with you - a piece of tech would be much better than flowers. Upgrading my half busted netbook to an ultrabook sounds way more appealing.


We have a working agreement not to buy Valentine's flowers, given their exorbitant prices.

On the other hand, my husband brings home a dozen or 18 roses two or three times a month for no particular reason except to surprise me. On occasion I'll find a sweet (or happily salacious) greeting card left on my computer keyboard, and he'll frequently come home with one of my favorite sweet treats.

It's the randomness of his surprises that I love, along with the fact that it's been going on for 14 years.


@ohcheri: Nice! You had me at Scarface ;-)

@smasumur: My hubby knows better than to buy me plants for inside. For some reason I can make a garden thrive but I treat indoor plants like Red headed step children. My hubby really wanted plants for the house so he spent about $150 on them. I told him when he went to the nursery that they were his plants. We share everything we own but his plants are his and my pillows are mine! Lol. I'm actually quite surprised that 3 of the 4 are still alive, and so are the 10k gnats that came free with them.


@okham: I don't think I could have said it better myself. And my anniversary is at the end of the month but my wife still doesn't want flowers, or jewelry or candy. I think our culture makes men and women believe that we need these things. But really knowing your spouse's needs and desires is so much more important. I love the 'cute' things that you all have listed as doing for or giving to the other person.


i am truely surprised by the number of no's. i thought i was one of a very, very few. i'm happy to know it's not so few.


Girlfriend hates that I buy her things at all. She has finally warmed to the idea of small gifts though.


My husband bought me an Asus Transformer Prime. He never buys flowers, because I am allergic to them. I always get electronics :-)