questionswhy watches?


So, I axe you.... Said like a Philadelphian...

I agree with you, although I can appreciate a nice watch. I have actually been looking at some nice watches recently. Like you said, they seem to be everywhere you turn. I can appreciate a nice watch as a pice of jewelry, not necessarily a tool to tell time. I just can't get into wearing one yet. My wife brings it up from time to time (see what I did there), so I am sure I will end up with one some Christmas or Birthday. But for now I will use my phone like I have for years.


I like watches. I wear a Citizen Eco Drive. I never take it off. At a single glance, it tells me the time, day, and month. It's always there -- all I have to do is look down. I don't have to dig it out of my pocket. It never needs adjusting. It never needs to be charged. It can go anywhere I go. I paid one price for it 4 years ago and have never had to spend another penny on it.

I can't say the same for my phone. When is the last time you kept your phone in your pocket while swimming? I know there are phones that are waterproof, but they don't compare to the non-waterproof phones.


@capguncowboy: All valid points, but I can't imagine living without a phone. I have never missed not having a watch.

I guess it depends on the purpose, like your example with a pool. I can't imagine someone like a nurse or doctor not wearing a watch.

EDIT: Looking back, I guess I can imagine them....but I don't like it.


I've been in secure areas where phones were not allowed. Watches were. Game.

Watches last months if not years on a single battery. You're doing good if your phone lasts a couple days. Set.

Watch...a hundred dollars or so, no monthly fee, no contract, no 'dead zones'. Match.

Watches win, phones never left the starting line.


Thanks for the answers so far but I think my question must not have been clear enough.

I dig watches. I'm not questioning why someone would still want a watch. Why question is more so why are watches seemingly this super hot item to be sold on the internet. I could imagine they're compact & easy to pack & ship but at the same time can be relatively expensive, so they're easy to work with but might pay off big. I can also imagine that the high-end watch knocker-off-ers have always been chomping at the bit and when this here interwebs came along and - VIOLA!

I'm just curious if anybody has any kind of real insight into why watches are such popular items to sell online n'stuff.


A watch is one of the few real pieces of jewelry many men wear and therefore it is also one of the few ways to squeeze some fashion dollars out of some people...

No rings & no necklaces but he is wearing a really cool watch...


@phillystyle: I think it's because for years watches were sold only in jewelry stores. High-end watches are still primarily carried in jewelry stores. Most of those stores carry a standard 300% mark-up.

Online competitors can sell them for much less because they have much less overhead -- being such, people tend to be drawn in by low priced watches. Any retailer knows that if they can get you in the door, you're more likely to buy something, even if it isn't what you originally came in for. The same holds true for internet retailers.


Where do you go nowadays to get a watch battery replaced? (For cheaper watch, if that makes a difference, such as a Timex) A jewelry store? The jewelry dept at Walmart?

I like wearing a watch with one of those expanding watchbands, but the appeal of expensive watches escapes me (To me an expensive watch is anything more than $30, unless it includes a GPS or a chest band for heart rate monitoring)

I would not even want one if those Invicta's that are everywhere, but they must sell well. And there's a market watches that cost thousands or more.


The expensive watches for cheap emails you are getting in your inbox are likely counterfeits. That's why they are so popular. Like any other spam only a small percentage needs to be acted upon for the spammer to make money.


@xdavex: Correction - they are always counterfeits.


@coondogg97: Yup, a Philadelphian through and through. I love axing questions on the internet.